MultiVersus: Tier List – Who’s the Strongest? (September Update)

Okay, in this article we created a Tier List to determine who is the strongest in MultiVersus. Keep in mind that this is purely our own opinion and preference. It is entirely up to the user to maximize and utilize any character they use. With that being said, here’s our pick from good to best. Enjoy!

MultiVersus: Tier List – Who’s the Strongest?

From Good to Best

Multiversus currently has 19 characters so far, each of which specializes in a specific role in 2v2 combat. Multiversus divides each character into three roles: damage dealers, supports, and tanks.

The Holy Trinity

In other genres, we call them the Holy Trinity.

  • Damage Dealers obviously inflict huge amounts of damage but usually has low armor or health pool.
  • Supports usually give buffs/debuffs and can heal allies.
  • Lastly, Tanks are damage takers and must withstand high damage inflicting skills from their opponents and protect.

There are few notable exceptions to the current game balance, which favors most Assassins and Bruisers.

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MultiVersus: Tier List – All Playable Characters Ranked

Before we begin, our tier list in MultiVersus is based on character efficiency and survivability. We also considered the difficulty in mastering a character. This may change as patches and new characters arrive.

MultiVersus: C – Tier List


Due to her lack of speed, Garnet is the worst of the Bruisers because it is incredibly challenging to use her powerful damage. Compared to the other Bruisers in the game, Garnet is good but nothing exceptional.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • She deals a lot of damage by combining powerful moves with status-altering abilities from Steven Universe.
  • She’s a bit slow, which makes her susceptible to counterattacks, especially after using one of her normal strikes.
  • Garnet doesn’t have anything to go along with her powerful strikes and special abilities, unlike other bruisers. The other bruisers truly stand out because of their ability to launch an attack and sprint away from their foe.
  • Because Garnet isn’t a tank and is therefore vulnerable to damage from foes, it is very simple for them to approach her position and unleash their attacks on her. Although she has certain area-of-effect attacks, her pace makes it difficult for even these to stop her opponents from defeating her.
  • Special Abilities: Stronger Than You, Rocket Fist!, Spark of Love-Flying Crossarm, Gem Dash


MultiVersus only contains one original character, Reindog. Because of his potent special abilities, he is unquestionably the best Support character class. He, his allies, and his opponents all suffer various status effects as a result of these attacks, all of which are advantageous to his team.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • His Up-Special complements every other class in the game, while his Down-Special causes missiles to carry the Ignited state ailment, making him the ideal choice for Mage players.
  • However, because of how well his powers support his teammate, he is prone to being a prio target. Teammates should be good at protecting Reindog for them to win the match.
  • Reindog can bind to an ally with Love Leash and even prevent certain doom for them.
  • It’s a bad return for the player controlling Reindog to stand by and let him be used as a passive weapon, despite the fact that he can inflict a significant amount of damage when tossed by a teammate as part of his “Flying Floof” action.
  • Special Abilities: Love Leash, Flounce Pounce, Power Crystal-Flying Floof, Fireball-Meteor

MultiVersus: B – Tier List

Steven Universe

The weakest class of fighters in the game right now is the support class, which includes Steven Universe. Steven Universe stands out because he is a character who prioritizes defense, which is regrettably not always useful in this game.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • The key to succeeding in Steven Universe is to practice patience. You must learn precisely when to launch an attack.
  • This is a significant challenge in a fast-paced brawler like MultiVersus because there are times when it is necessary to attack your opponent in a hazardous circumstance.
  • Since he is a support character, Steven’s main goal is to aid his teammate. However, unlike other members of his support class, Steven is only really valuable as support.
  • Steven has a multitude of status effects that he may apply to both allies and foes with the power of optimism. He is difficult to strike since the armor in the bubbles he makes while evading can withstand numerous blows from teammates and him.
  • In addition to temporarily creating a Watermelon Steven to attack opponents, his Down-Special heals teammates.
  • Special Abilities: Bubble Boy!, Stop in the Name of Friendship!, Shield Stepper, Watermelon Steven, Go!-X-Treme Moves!

Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is not necessarily a terrible character; in fact, if you learn his moveset, he might turn out to be just okay. His size is a noticeable area of weakness. Compared to the other bruisers in the game, the Iron Giant is easier to hit because of his size.

Screengrab Courtesy of Dyacx via YouTube
  • He is a tank fighter, thus he can undoubtedly withstand a blow, but because of his bulk, he will absorb a lot of hits. The Iron Giant lacks the necessary power to make up for it; maybe this will be addressed in the coming patches.
  • Although he deals with a number of different status ailments with his attacks, there are stronger tanks in the game to learn. He is also much slower than everyone else.
  • When a tank character in a game has the mobility to go along with their strong defense, they are at their finest. Unfortunately, this fighter is the most sluggish fighter in MultiVersus, making him simple to eliminate.
  • Special Abilities: None – (Experimental Phase)


LeBron James, an NBA player in real life, has been transformed into a cartoon character and has joined MultiVersus as a bruiser.

Screengrab Courtesy of MultiVersus via YouTube
  • Unsurprisingly, he prefers to use a basketball as his primary combat weapon. LeBron’s basketball practically functions as a summon assist character because it’s not just the finest weapon in his arsenal; it also deals some of the best damage when it’s thrown into the air and allowed to fend for itself.
  • The downside is, that LeBron himself occasionally has a strange squishy feeling and is significantly less suited for close-quarters combat than you might anticipate from a character of his caliber.
  • LeBron feels like he was built as a 2v2 Bruiser because several of his best techniques seem better suited to a Ranged or Support role.
  • However, single players run the risk of feeling strangely helpless when using many of his skills, which are fantastic for running interference for a companion.
  • Special Abilities: Buckets!, L-Train, Got Hops, Denied!


After a lot of gaming time, Taz seems to be a somewhat boring toon to play when you start to play the other characters in the game. Don’t get me wrong, he is still a reliable fighter but we have to demote Taz to B-Tier.

He has a lethal spin strike that can easily push opponents off the side of the arena in addition to dealing them heavy damage. Taz is a formidable opponent when playing online because he is one of the easiest players to spam moves against. Spin to win right?

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • Taz has a ton of other moves that, once mastered, may deal horrifying blows to opponents, however, they can be challenging to learn.
  • Taz’s ability to easily move across the map and deal as much damage to his opponents as he desires is what makes him so good.
  • Because of his high damage output and quickness, the Tazmanian Devil is challenging to beat. When the gauge is full, his fast individual assaults cause the “Tasty” status condition, which turns opponents into cooked chickens who are unable to counterattack.
  • When Taz hits an enemy while they’re in this state, chicken wings fly off, healing Taz and his teammates if they grab them.
  • His Side-Special not only deals several hits to foes, but if Taz passes an ally, that ally also gains a momentary speed boost. Taz’s limited moveset causes him to struggle in the air, but his ground game is by far the greatest.
  • Special Abilities: Chew It Yourself, Taz-nado, Dogpile! Dogpile!, You Spit What You Eat, Eating on the Fly


It’s weird that the Multiversus devs made Morty into a Bruiser character but nonetheless, his moveset is able to deliver what’s needed to opponents. Although he is classified as a Bruiser, Morty’s attacks depend mainly on range. So maybe he’s better off as a Mage..?

But because of this character’s odd kit, it makes it difficult for your opponents to predict what is coming their way once they step in the ring with Morty.

MultiVersus Characters (18)
Screengrab Courtesy of MultiVersus via YouTube
  • Morty’s kit is deadly and very effective against opponents if you use him right.
  • One of the downsides of using Morty is you really need to dedicate yourself in getting familiar with his play style.
  • Opponents will have a hard time predicting your next move since Morty’s attacks can be mixed up but you’ll need to be an experienced Multiversus player to bring out his potential.
  • If you’re looking to maximize the damage he does during matches, you should make sure you properly deploy your side special. Morty’s side special allows him to spawn a spike from the ground.
    • If the spike is deployed near one of Morty’s grenades, it splits the grenade in two and gives you additional damage against opponents.
  • You should familiarize yourself with his specials as these help a ton during matches.
  • Special Abilities: It’s A Grenade, I Think-Yep, That’s a Grenade, Power of Earth!, Uh, Auto-Pilot?, Temporal Back-Up

MultiVersus: A – Tier List


The worst characters in the game at the moment are the support characters. They have a difficult moveset to fully utilize and lack powerful combos to do damage and take out foes.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • For the time being, Velma’s fighting style is the most unconventional of any character in the game.
  • When you accumulate enough evidence through her regular attacks, which include a number of them, a police car will be summoned to lock up a foe and push them over the side.
  • The other skills Velma possesses include the ability to lessen cooldowns, cause freezing, provide teammates armor and grey health, and as previously stated, rat out opponents to the police.
  • She is challenging to use, and if she catches an enemy, it can be challenging to combo from her Side-Special.
  • Special Abilities: Motivational Speaker, Fast Thinker-Hit the Books, Toxic Concoction-Shutterbug, Spread the Knowledge

Tom and Jerry

One of the hardest combatants in the game to master, Tom & Jerry can be very dangerous once you do, especially with regard to their special attacks. The primary issue Tom & Jerry have as mages is the extreme precision and location needed for their movements. They are primarily difficult to master for this reason.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • Even after conquering them, Tom & Jerry still present a challenge.
  • The greatest strategy for dealing with them is to switch up your attacks as frequently as you can to make it more difficult for your foes to anticipate what you will do next.
  • Tom can throw Jerry to an ally, who can pick them up and gain a speed and strength bonus, making Tom and Jerry much more viable.
  • Tom yet requires Jerry to carry out some of his strikes.
  • This duo is also incredibly strong and has a variety of moves up their sleeves, including a devastating juggle technique and a lot of knockback potential that allows them to drag enemies back and forth between them.
  • Special Abilities: Slingshot Sharpshooter, Goin’ Fishin, Rocket Mouse, Snap Trap, Look Out Below!

Harley Quinn

As a member of the assassin class, Harley Quinn is capable of inflicting enormous amounts of damage on her foes. Even yet, she can typically absorb more punishment than most assassins because it is simpler for her to survive a close call.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • She has excellent maneuverability.
  • Harley Quinn varies from the other assassins in that she possesses certain ranged skills, which means that she doesn’t always need to approach her targets in order to deal damage, something that can’t always be stated for the other assassins.
  • She has some special moves that can deal with some powerful hits, but they can take some getting used to.
  • Harley Quinn can withstand more blows than most other classes, but not as many as her fellow assassins.
  • She has some variety when it comes to combination strikes thanks to her ability to throw explosives that detonate remotely.
  • Her knockback attacks burn an enemy, dealing temporary damage if she grants them the “Confetti” state.
  • Special Abilities: Stuffie Bat, Prank Shot, Batter Up!, Jerk-In-The-Box

Jake the Dog

Another simple to learn character is Jake the Dog, who has a variety of powerful air and ground strikes that may stop adversaries in their tracks. Jake is a useful brawler to learn because he can be moved around easily and can take a punch.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • He does deliver a lot of damage, but his area of impact for attacks and specialties is where he really thrives.
  • The area of effect for his melee attacks more than makes up for the fact that he doesn’t really have any ranged attacks.
  • Jake is also capable of swallowing and spitting out his foes. This can open a lot of opportunities to defeat the other team as you can use this in a variety of ways.
  • He does regularly launch assaults that are very adept at penetrating armor.
  • His Down-Special reflects missiles and bounces anyone off him if they get too close, while his Up-Special can prevent foes from falling to the ground by knocking them back on contact.
  • Special Abilities: Rubber Stomach, Dude!, Neigh and Stuff!, Stretchin’ Out, That’s Heavy, Dude

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman stands out as a tank because of how much punishment she can endure and yet escape with little to no damage.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • Her Defense of the Gods special ability stands out in particular since it gives both her and her teammate a shield that debuffs the characters’ attributes and absorbs a decent amount of damage.
  • Cooldowns can be a significant hindrance for Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman frequently has fewer options accessible to her than other fighters because she has several moves that have cooldowns.
  • She is still a fighter worth learning because she can take a battering and has a moveset without a cooldown which can be helpful.
  • Wonderwoman has a lasso for her Neutral-Special, which she can use to pull back comrades in trouble.
  • She can also use her Up and Side Specialties to build platforms and shields that allies can hide behind, and her Down Speciality to remove debuffs from allies.
  • Finally, she can strengthen her Amazon Shout strike, which blasts foes away, since many assaults grant her armor or reflect projectiles.
  • Special Abilities: Lasso of Truth, Warrior’s Charge-Soaring Punch, Flying Warrior, Defense of the Gods


The Man of Steel isn’t the kind of brute force you might expect. In fact, Superman is one of the only tanks in the game that deserve consideration.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • He can absorb a lot of damage because practically all of his regular attacks give him armor, and his aerial Side-Special can send him flying across the battlefield, giving him amazing stage recovery options.
  • Additionally, his Neutral-Special has the ability to freeze foes, making them open to strong charge assaults from your comrades.
  • Superman makes up for limited combo damage output with his elemental effects, which excel in team battles.
  • Special Abilities: Ice Breath, Locomotive Charge, Ten-Ton Tackle, Meteor Liftoff, Go Long!, Heat Vision, Aerial Heat Vision


Batman primarily uses a mix of close-quarters combat and long-range weapons. Due to his tremendous agility and ability to grapple, Batman can quickly move around the arena. With the help of his equipment, he can quickly deal significant damage to opponents, and he can pull off powerful combos both on the ground and in the air.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • He can sometimes be difficult to handle, and his strikes can occasionally be situational and simple for opponents to avoid, which is the main reason he isn’t rated a little higher.
  • It can also be rather aggravating because several of Batman’s moves have a cooldown.
  • Once Batman engages a target in a combination, though, it can be exceptionally lethal, especially when the target is in the air.
  • His special attacks range from remote explosives and hook guns to a smoke bomb that significantly slows down opponents and benefits allies, while his basic attacks can temporarily impair enemies by inflicting a Weakened state.
  • Special Abilities: Bat-Bomb, Bat Grapple, Rising Bat, Rapid Rising Bat, Smoke Bomb, Crashing Justice


The character that is easiest to understand and grasp is by far Shaggy. Shaggy can deal out serious damage and does it very quickly because he is a bruiser.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • Shaggy’s normal strikes are simple to learn and inflict a lot of damage, but it’s his Zoinks!
  • His brilliant ability is something unique. The move does take a while to reach full, but compared to his other attacks, it deals a ton more damage.
  • Shaggy can move around the arena fairly swiftly and effortlessly destroy his opponents.
  • He may be a terrific starter, but because of how well his Ultra-Instinct Zoinks! is, he is also one worth sticking with. His moves don’t differ all that much from those of other fighting game characters, making him the most closely balanced fighter on the roster.
  • He has a strong uppercut, the ability to summon and launch sandwiches like fireballs, and a flying kick.
  • Shaggy can also use his inner force to become “enraged,” which will provide him armor and grant any opponents he strikes the Weakened debuff.
  • Special Abilities: ZOINKS!, Snacking-Instinct Kick, Power Uppercut, Like, Feed the Hunger, Like, C’mere Man!

MultiVersus: S – Tier List

Finn the Human

Finn is certainly the weakest member of the Assassin class of bruisers, but don’t let that fool you. Let’s just say that he is somewhat like a double-edged sword; some of his moves can be pretty lethal. However, there are some things that prevent this character from reaching his full potential. Unfortunately, Finn can’t truly withstand strikes, despite the fact that he can deliver some brilliant ones.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • With the help of his passive ability, Fat Stacks, Finn can gather coins from his foes to bolster the power of his special attacks, but doing so frequently necessitates placing himself in unfavorable situations.
  • In addition to having almost no ranged powers to aid him, Finn can’t take as much damage as many other characters, making it incredibly risky to acquire power.
  • With his Down-Special, he can buy additional temporary equipment. If he has loads of coins, his Up-Special, which allows him to swing his rucksack around, can be more lethal.
  • Special Abilities: High Five, Dude!, Skronking Tackle!-Mathematical Airdash!, Backpack ‘Em Up!-Soaring Backpack!, Sweet Deals!-Throwin’ Stones!

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny excels as a mage character when utilizing his unique ranged powers, although he can also struggle in this area. Since these techniques are among the most telegraphed in the game, they can be difficult to execute and, regrettably, are often simple for opponents to predict.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • You may also need to hit your opponents with extreme accuracy in order to deal out tremendous harm.
  • Fortunately, Bugs’ ability to Bunny Burrow, which enables him to hide down a burrow on the arena floor, prevents him from becoming completely outmatched by his opponents.
  • He can help others and himself out of difficult situations as a result, making him an excellent comrade.
  • He is a dependable ranged teammate because he can produce explosives, rockets, falling safes, and robots that can throw custard pies.
  • Special Moves: A Safe Investment-Safe Painter, Ain’t I A Charmer?-Rocket Rider, Special Delive-Rocket, Bunny Burrow, Bun on the Run

Arya Stark

She is one of, if not the fastest fighter in MultiVersus, which is her main advantage as an Assassin class fighter. Particularly when facing up against larger and less mobile fighters, Arya can be very effective because she can quickly hit her foes before escaping.

Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • Because she doesn’t take hits well, Arya struggles in this area, especially because if an opponent hits her, she can sustain damage quickly.
  • Arya’s health may suffer greatly if she becomes trapped in an opponent’s combination.
  • Despite her disadvantages, she is a worthy fighter because of her smaller stature, which reduces the likelihood that she will be struck as frequently as some other rivals.
  • By avoiding strikes repeatedly, she can utilize the “Disorient” ability, which makes the following melee assault break armor and turn the target away from Arya.
  • This is advantageous because she receives a damage benefit for backstabbing hits. Additionally, she produces a pie that heals allies and slows opponents who run into it.
  • Special Abilities: Face-Stealer, Knife-Thrower, Dagger Slash, Blade Sharpener


As charming as Gizmo was in the Gremlins, his moveset in Multiversus makes him one of the best characters to use in the game. It’s recommended for players to use Gizmo in Multiversus especially if you want to catch your opponents off-guard. So far, Gizmo is one of the best Support characters in the game.

MultiVersus Characters (19)
Screengrab Courtesy of MultiVersus via YouTube
  • Gizmo’s attack style is perfect for players who like putting pressure on their opponents.
  • By using Gizmo’s speedy attacks, you’re able to back opponents into a corner and possibly throw them off the edge of the stage.
  • Gizmo is also perfect for an all-around player because even though this character is a Support in Multiversus, Gizmo provides versatility to any player choosing this character.
  • One of the downsides to Gizmo is most of his attacks don’t provide enough knockback to KO an opponent.
  • To successfully knock an enemy out from the stage, Gizmo needs to chase them down which is risky especially if you’re both near the edge.
  • Special Abilities: Song of the Mogwai-Song of the (Flying) Mogwai, Beep Beep!, Gizmo-a-Go-Go, Gizmo-a-Go-Go (Flying), Corrugated Camouflage, Umbrella Bash, Falling Furball
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A MultiVersus tier list was necessary given the impressive group of fighters present. Ranking these fighters goes beyond evaluating their individual skills, at least in comparison to other competitive multiplayer games.
  • With each fighter divided into roles like Bruiser and Tank, Multiversus emphasizes team-based fighting.
  • We considered each fighter’s ability to work with their teammate as well as their own skill level in order to compile the final Multiversus tier list.
  • Spiel Times also evaluated each character based on their difficulty in mastery. We will keep on updating this list as new characters will be available in the coming weeks.
  • Maybe some characters will be promoted or demoted depending on the upcoming patches and adjustments the Devs might come up with. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this game as for sure this would be one of the best fighting games this year, 2022.
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If you have any questions regarding our MultiVersus Tier List, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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