MultiVersus: Tournament – Twitch Rivals; All details

Calling out all players of MultiVersus, the game has recently launched its first major tournament. They have collaborated with Twitch Rivals for making up this event. In case you don’t know, Twitch Rivals hosts several competitions for different games with streamers.

So this MultiVersus tournament in Twitch Rivals features streamers on Twitch as the players to participate. These participating players are from various regions worldwide which are North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. There is a total of 96 players for the tournament and each region has 16 teams (2 players each).

A total of 48 teams are competing in this tournament. They are competing to get the ultimate prize pool of $75,000. But don’t worry since there are consolation prizes for the losing teams. Moreover, this tournament has already begun this August 31, so get to know more about it.

More details about the MultiVersus tournament in Twitch Rivals

Game settings

Since each team has 2 players each, then the games are all 2 vs.2. There is a total of 4 Ringouts and the duration of the game is only 7 minutes. Moreover, the players can choose any character of their liking. They can also change their character between the games. Then lastly, the map in the game is randomly selected.

The tournament format
  • This tournament has two brackets for players to go through. The first bracket is the Elimination Playoff Bracket where the teams are facing their opponent in a single round-robin. Every match ups are in best-of-3 games.
  • The teams with the qualified standings are advancing to the Playoff Bracket. Then the playoffs are going to determine the teams going from the Quarterfinals until the Semifinals. Both of them are also in best-of-3 games.
  • However, the teams in the same group cannot meet until the semis. Then the teams winners of the Seminals are directly going to the Finals. The Final Round consists of best-of-5 games to determine the champion team.
Awarding of the prize

The total prize of $75,000 is going to be divided among the winners of 4 regions. Making it $25,000 which is still quite a big prize. There are consolation prizes for the money but not all teams are to have a share of it.

Other players can also watch the tournament

If you are, then you do not have to worry. The MultiVersus tournament is free to watch from players all over the world. You can watch the teams collide in every game on Twitch. They saved the games for everyone can watch too. Just click here.

Tournament standings

As it is ongoing, the participating teams have already competed against each other. So to know the current standings, you may click here. See the winning teams of the tournament.

Make sure to follow the social media accounts of MultiVersus and Twitch Rivals for more updates about the current tournament. They might make another one soon where you may finally participate.

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