MultiVersus Nerfs and Buffs

Hey, players! Are you playing WB Games’ MultiVersus? The game may still be an open beta but people have been excitedly playing the newest game! As it opens to the public on July 26th, players and developers may have found a few issues to fix. Not just that, Player First Games hints at nerfs and buffs of the characters in the game.

We are here to walk you through the announced improvements for this fighting game published by Warner Bros. Games that we know about. Stick with us, players!

Nerfs and Buffs for MultiVersus Update

This open beta helps the developers in assessing the game and how can players enjoy it more. In line with this, Player First Games have fair play and balance in mind as they may have nerfed two characters already in almost a week.

  • The devs have nerfed Batman’s Air/Ground neutral attack, Steven Universe’s Air neutral attack, and Taz’s Air/Ground side special. We’ll discuss this with you in the latter part of this posting.

  • Memes of Scooby Doo’s Shaggy circulate online and players ask for it to be nerfed. Hearing the players’ sentiments, Player First Games lays out its major balance patch update.
  • Moving forward, there is no exact release date of the patch yet, however, certainly, it would not overlap with EVO, Sony’s fighting game tournament, which ends on August 7, 2022.

Bugs Bunny Nerf

  • Starting with the Bugs Bunny nerfs in the upcoming MutiVersus update. Tony Huynh, the co-founder of Player First Games, hints at the bunny nerf in a reply Tweet to a player. However, he mentions that Bugs Bunny remains to be fun, but you may want to think about this if you’re planning to acquire the character!

LeBron James Buff

  • Furthermore, a buff comes its way for the newest addition to the roster — NBA superstar LeBron James. Players are excited, but the character needs some improvements.
Screengrab Courtesy of MultiVersus via YouTube
  • Players found a problem that the character’s down and side tilt attacks give the same Attack Decay. Worry no more, as Huyhn reports this to be fixed and delivered on the next MultiVersus update.

Wonder Woman Buff

  • Another buff in the MultiVersus update is on DC’s character, Wonder Woman. Technically she is unlockable for free and acquired upon completion of the tutorial. And this may excite players as she gets to be buffed on the next patch update.

    MultiVersus Wonder Woman
    Image Courtesy of MultiVersus
  • What do you want to see with Wonder Woman? Huynh confirms this buff stating “She got some buffs in the build after evo” in reply to a fan’s Tweet.

MultiVersus Update’s fixes and changes
  • After the nerf and buffs, the game also fixed Tom and Jerry’s locked-out attacks.
Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • This has been tweeted by fans and you don’t have to worry as Huynh confirms this to be fixed and coming in the next update!

  • Additionally, the sudden locking of several characters in the game upsets fans. However, MultiVersus mentions its regular changes on the character fighters on its free rotation. Player First Games addresses the issue and add a guide on the characters’ rotation. MultiVersus’ game director, Huynh, also reports this as fixed in a reply Tweetyes, this will be coming in the next large patch“.
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  • Another improvement is its bug fixes. We may want to say thanks to the developers as this strange graphical glitch shows during the fight with Iron Giant. It’s a kind of distraction as it follows the Iron Giant around. If you have not encountered this, you may refer to the embedded tweet below. Huynh assures this problem is fixed, by the way!

  • Another minor bug fix is when the player’s name doesn’t get their golden name written correctly to friends. You may have experienced this if you bought one of the in-game items — the Founder’s Pack.

More about MultiVersus

These are just a few of the improvements we have encountered that the developers confirmed. With this, let us still wait for more MultiVersus updates. Let us now move forward with the changes they made in the last days of July.

Taz fixes and changes

  • A bug fix for Taz is when he’s prevented from doing aerial attacks when reached his air special limit. So, I hope you see his aerial attacks more often now!

    Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • Additionally, they nerfed Taz’s Air/Ground Side Special, as from the early access, he had been racking and dominating other characters in the game. Developers reduced its effectiveness to ensure fair play and enhance Taz’s gameplay. They removed one of the multi-hits of his tornado and lessens its knockback from 1375 to 1275.

Batman fixes and changes

  • A bug fix on Batman also appears as this addresses the Grapple hook that sometimes throws the character off the map. Hopefully, with this update, you can use the Grapple efficiently!

    Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube
  • Also, Batman’s Air/Ground Neutral Attack was nerfed. The cooldown of the Batarang increases to 14 seconds while the pick-up returns to 11.55 seconds. As this makes it fair for players, as it gives the opponents time to take advantage within the duration where the Batarang is not in play.

Bugs Bunny fixes and changes

  • The bunny receives nerf on its Air Up Attack, as its startup frame is up to two frames while the active window drops two frames, this change is made to avoid hitting itself.

    Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube

Iron Giant fixes and changes

  • There are bug fixes applied to Iron Giant in the last minor patch update. Its Air Down attack can no longer combo itself, while the Air/Ground Down Special cannot repetitively hit and lock the opponents forever. The same goes with the Air Up Attack as they stop the repetitive hits on opponents.

    Screengrab Courtesy of Dyacx via YouTube

Steven Universe fixes and changes

  • Steven Universe’s Air Neutral Attack has been nerfed as it knocks and throws up and away its opponents to stop it from a non-stop alternate attack between Air Down Attack and Air Neutral Attack.

    Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube

Velma fixes and changes

  • Well, this is something unexpected and quite unnecessary to make, but this change makes her more in line with the other characters. They decreased her weight from 70 to 63.
Screengrab Courtesy of ProsafiaGaming via YouTube

That’s it for now, players!

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Also, you can also share any questions you have about MultiVersus below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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