MultiVersus August news and New Music Theme

Hey, players! Are you up for the latest news about the Warner Bros. Game? You came to the right place! What’s new this August and is there a new music theme in the game? Stick with us! As we start, we would like to congratulate the MultiVersus team for ranking first as the best-selling video game of July 2022 in the US, according to NPD. It took the first spot against Bandai Namco’s Elden Ring last month. Moreover, this free-to-play video game also ranks one of Xbox’s top-selling games for July. The recently released MultiVersus took the players into excite mode, especially the Founder’s Packs which players loved.

What’s new in MultiVersus this August?

First comes first, new characters! In case you missed it, the first season of the game started last week, August 15th. The arrival of the first season confirms the coming of two new characters in the pilot season. DC’s Black Adam and Gremlins’ Stripe are set to arrive in the world of MultiVersus within the season. However, no specific release date announced yet. Also, there are leaked possible characters to be part of the line-up too, so you may have to watch out for that!

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  • In addition to the new characters arriving in the game, another expected character, Cartoon Network’s Rick and Morty duo arrive too. Morty comes first in the game and sets to join the roster on August 23rd.
MultiVersus Rick & Morty
Image Courtesy of MultiVersus via Twitter
  • However, you may expect the coming of Rick in the following weeks. Fans and data miners speculate the arrival date to be around mid-September. Let’s wait for the official announcements on these new characters’ releases! 
  • Certainly, while we’re in some August news, the game director of MultiVersus, Tony Huynh asks fans about any thoughts on buffs for Taz and Garnet in the next round via Twitter. Peek at the Tweet below and send some thoughts to the dev!

A new music theme in the game

Just a few weeks before the month ends, MultiVersus releases two new music theme for two of their characters. Furthermore, they released the music themes on their official YouTube account which you can access below.

  • Significantly, MultiVersus uploaded a new music theme on Rick and Morty, just in time for their nearing arrival. The music is entitled “Get Schwifty” which is a remixed instrumental version of the cartoon’s song. Stephen Barton and Kevin Notar head in remixing the duo’s music theme.

  • Another up on their channel is a bonus track of Scooby Doo’s song entitled “Scooby’s Haunted Mansion” which is stated as a vintage mix. Stephen Barton composed Scooby Doo’s music theme.

There you have it, all the news we have for this August in MultiVersus! We hope to see you here until the next update!

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