The music industry lost another legend a few days ago. The influential musician and guitarist Jeff Beck left the world at the age of 78. His family announced his passing on Jeff Beck’s social media just a few hours ago. Jeff Beck‘s cause of death has been revealed by the family as well. While we know what happened to the English guitarist, let’s also take this time to look back on his career and influence in the music scene.

Cause of death of Jeff Beck

In an Instagram post on Jeff’s personal account on January 11th, on behalf of the family, Beck’s representative expressed their loss and the ‘profound sadness’ they are experiencing. The guitarist passed away on Tuesday, January 10th, in a hospital in Riverhall, southern England, near his home.

  • The cause of death happened to be a sudden contraction of bacterial meningitis, according to his publicist Melissa Dragich’s post on his account. According to health websites, this bacterial meningitis is deemed serious when infected with it.
  • In a more specific definition, Healthline says: Meningitis is the inflammation of the membranes that outline your brain and spinal cord.  Meningitis can be viral or bacterial. Viral happens to be the most common form, while bacterial considers being the serious form.
Guitarist Jeff Beck, redferns
Image Courtesy of Redferns via Variety
  • Moreover, no other complications have been stated by the family or his representative. Let’s take a look at how the music industry copes with the loss of the famous musician and guitarist Jeff Beck.

The music industry saddens

Many musicians, even artists, expressed their sadness as they lost one of their geniuses. British rock and pop singer and songwriter, Rod Stewart shares a meaningful photo and post on Instagram with Beck.

  • Another bandmate from The Jeff Beck Group, Ron Wood sends his sadness for Beck’s passing and gratitude for all their time together. He writes on Twitter, “I want to thank him for all our early days together in Jeff Beck Group, conquering America.
Musician Jeff Beck, cause of death, wood
Image Courtesy of Ronnie Wood via Twitter
  • Rising singer and songwriter Bruno Major also dropped a comment on the post saying “Play on Jeff! 💔“. Moreover, even actors like Brooklyn 99’s ‘Detective Hitchcock’, Dirk Blocker, can’t believe the sudden death of the guitarist. Now, let’s take the time to relive the fame of the legendary guitarist Jeff Beck.

Jeff Beck in the music scene

The rock guitarist came to fame in the ’60s as he replaced Eric Clapton in the English rock band The Yardbirds. He left after a year and a few months, and a few years after, started his own band, The Jeff Beck Group where he featured the now-veteran Rod Stewart. Jeff Beck Group debuted with their album “Truth” in 1968 which gave a glimpse of the heavy metal genre.

  • Musician Jeff Beck started his solo career in 1995 with the album “Blow by Blow” which became a platinum hit. His creativity, innovation, and infusion from jazz to rock in playing the guitar gave his music a new take and a successful one too in his career.
  • His most recent work was a collaboration with actor and guitarist Johnny Depp entitled “18” in 2022.


By successful, we mean that he garnered eight gold albums in a span of six decades in the industry. Two Hall of Fame induction, six Grammys in the category of best rock instrumental performance, and one for best pop collaboration with vocals.

  • In 1992, Jeff Beck was part of the induction ceremony as part of Yardbirds for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Furthermore, he received another induction into the said hall of fame as a solo singer in 2009.

We extend our deepest condolences to Jeff Beck’s family and loved ones. May the legendary guitarist rest in power.

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