My Hero Academia Chapter 388 spoilers anticipate a tragic reunion of the Todoroki family
Toya as a child in My Hero Academia season 6 (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Bones)

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 leaked scans have finally begun circulating on the internet, providing the semblance of a conclusion to the battle between Endeavor and Toya. The eldest Todoroki sibling’s body was barely holding on together after the fight at Kamino, but the boy’s sheer resentment continued to push him forward, fulfilling his promise of dancing with his father “in the inferno of Hell.”

The leaked scans confirm fans’ suspicions that the fight will end with the entire Todoroki family reuniting together to stop Toya, but it is still unknown if the reconciliation will end in tragedy or the beginning of a new chapter for Endeavor’s family. Despite being a shorter, 11-page chapter, My Hero Academia Chapter 388 is likely emotionally heavy in terms of content, and promises readers a proper conclusion to the Todoroki family’s arc in Chapter 389.

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 spoilers anticipate a tragic reunion of the Todoroki family
Shoto and Iida begin travelling towards Gunga (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the My Hero Academia manga.


My Hero Academia Chapter 388 leaked spoilers suggest that Shoto might arrive too late to save his parents and older brother

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 leaked spoilers reveal the title of the upcoming chapter to be “Toya.” The raw scans give readers a brief update on the evacuation of the civilians, showing Kendou apprehending the spies All For One had placed among the people hiding in the U.A. shelters.

She informs the headquarters that the spies have tampered with the system and the shelter will not move anymore, while other heroes at the shelter continue to evacuate the scared civilians. The scans reveal just how gigantic Toya’s heat sphere is, since the heroes tell the civilians to not look in the direction of the heat source in an attempt to prevent panic and mass hysteria.

But Natsuo, Fuyumi, and Rei ignore the heroes’ warning, realizing that the source of such intense flames had to be Toya. Concerned and frustrated, Rei climbs one of the U.A. robots which are stationed at the shelter to assist in evacuation, and orders it to take her to the source of the heat.

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 spoilers then returns to the present where Rei continues to use her quirk to cool down Endeavor and Toya, even as the flames keep burning her. A delirious Toya calls out to Rei, who apologizes to her son. Endeavor wonders if his wife is protecting herself from the heat by covering her skin with ice, and decides to do the same to save their eldest son.

The raw scans show the Pro hero cautioning Rei to back off, telling her that she would burn to death, but she refuses. Toya begins mumbling Natsuo and Fuyumi’s names as well, and the couple realize that the siblings had rushed off after their mother. Despite Endeavor and Rei’s warnings, Fuyumi refuses to leave stating that she didn’t want to lose them and Natsuo regrets shrugging Toya off when they were younger, calling out to his older brother and asking him to stop causing trouble.

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 leaked spoilers show them all burning as Endeavor tries to propel Toya and him upwards using more fire in a desperate attempt to make his son’s body reach its limit before the latter’s flames kill him. He begs the universe to not take his wife and other children’s lives, and the final panel shows an alternate future they could have had, showing Endeavor, Rei, Natsuo, and Fuyumi, surrounding a smiling Toya wearing his trademark “Dabi”-jacket and missing an arm.

In conclusion

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 leaked spoilers suggest that despite Rei’s intervention, the Todoroki family will not be able to save Toya, possibly even losing Endeavor in the process. Despite being from the once-illustrious Himura family, Rei is not a hero and is not trained to use her quirk efficiently or to its fullest potential.

So it comes as no surprise that she is unable to keep up with Toya’s explosive heat and intense flames, considering that he brought down multiple Pro heroes in Kamino before being defeated by Shoto. The chapter seems to have ended on an ominous note, making it plausible that Shoto and Iida might arrive at Gunga to find the entire Todoroki family in ashes, leaving behind an orphaned Shoto.

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