My Hero Academia Season 6: Bakugo proves that he is worthy of One for All

There we go again, another tsundere bully who thinks too highly of himself and is bound the be the next Sasuke of this anime. That’s what I thought when My Hero Academia first introduced Bakugo to me. In some sense, I was repelled by his animosity, arrogance, outright lack of empathy, and cocky countenance. But as the series has progressed, Bakugo may have transformed into one of my most respected Anime characters ever. Fans are left asking, does Bakugo die in My Hero Academia Season 6?

The title may seem misleading, but I assure you it’s not. Don’t take this in its literal sense. Nothing in My Hero Academia Season 6 happened that literally made All Might question his decision. It isn’t that anyone went “Bakugo should have had the One For All”, No, No. But whatever happened goes on to say a lot about how far our tsundere blonde has come throughout the story.

Could Bakugo have wielded One for All?

Bakugo as One for All
Bakugo in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9, courtesy of Animeiko

The primary theme of My Hero Academia has been on the battle between one for all and all for one. In some sense, it has always been the symbolic battle of good and evil. And in an ever deeper sense, One for All came out of All For One. Light is born out of darkness is quite profound.

Bakugo never had a villain inside of him in My Hero Academia

  1. Bakugo, despite our initial impressions, has always been leaning on the hero frontier. The league of villains considered him the most suitable candidate for turning into a villain. The LoV wanted to do so to admonish the hero society.
  2. That they subjugated the hero society’s very rising student from UA and turned him into a villain. But in what turned out to be a diss to Naruto’s Sasuke takeover by Orochimaru, Bakugo completely despised the villains. That was one of the beginning points from where we could see Bakugo’s true character.

Like Deku, he too has been innately inspired by All Might. In his heart, Bakugo has wanted to be a hero. But it is only in this recent episode of My Hero Academia Season 6, do we see that manifesting.

What it takes to be a hero

Deku in My Hero Academia Season 6
Image courtesy of Animeiko
  • The main philosophy bestowed throughout the series is that a true hero is one whose body moves without his will to save the one in need. Even if there is no way that he can save the one needing saving.
  • Even if all the odds are against you. What truly makes you a hero is your capacity to move forward, against the odds, for that which is righteous.
    • This is the main reason why All Might decided that Izuku Midoriya will be his successor.
    • If All Might had not found Midoriya, he would have gone on to UA Academy and probably chosen Mirio as his successor. If not Mirio, Todoroki and Bakugo are usually on the list.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9 proves Bakugo’s worthy

My Hero Academia Season 6 Bakugo
Bakugo bullying Deku in MHA Season 6 flashbacks, image courtesy of Crunchyroll

Now, Does Bakugo die in MHA? Well, that’s for the anime to adapt. Anything else would be a manga spoiler. There have been times when Midoriya said he wanted to pass down his quirk to Mirio. This stemmed from Midoriya’s own insecurity and the sense that he failed to save Sir Nigheye. In the film My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Midoriya shared his quirk with Bakugo for a while. This really left me wondering, is Bakugo worthy of the One For All?

The recent episode proved yes. In the paranormal frontier war, Shigaraki has been taking the upper hand. Having finally manifested All for One, Shigaraki is a force to be reckoned with.

  1. Deku is about the only one going toe-to-toe with this villain. Yet in a spur of the moment, All for One takes over Shigaraki’s body, attacking Endeavor. After which he goes on to pierce Deku’s body with spikes.
  2. At this moment, jaws drip, and tears blaze as Bakugo rushes toward saving Deku. Saying, that at that moment, his body moved on its own. Taking us back to Episode 1, when Midoriya did something similar for Bakugo. 

Bakugo may have proven that he’s a true hero, worthy of the One for All if he were ever to be subjected to it.

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