Season 5 Of My Hero Academia was a bummer. The entirety of it was filled with cooperation through competition cliche where Class 1-A and Class 1-B faced off against each other. Many fans disliked the pale story pacing and overall lack of fire that the earlier seasons carried. For all we care, Season 4 was a banger. Yet, after a relatively disappointing season 5, My Hero Academia Season 6 is all set to premiere starting October 1. The question is, will it live up to its previous seasons’ glory as it adapts the Paranormal Liberation arc?

My Hero Academia Season 6 Premieres October 1st

  • Toho Animation Youtube channel released a brand new trailer for My Hero Academia Season 6. The trailer featured a teaser for the Heroes vs Villains all-out war. It also featured the opening theme song Hitamuki by SUPER BEAVER. 
  • The 5th season of My Hero Academia ended on November 2021. Crunchyroll is all set to stream it starting October 1. To add to the hype, Crunchyroll recently released OVAs for the fifth season in August.
  • The 6th season like its predecessors is being produced by the big giants Dentsu, TOHO animation, and Shueisha and brought by studio BONES.
  • Each episode will be telecast Saturdays at 17:30 (JST)

What’s Going To Happen In Season 6?

My Hero Academia Season 6
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The Paranormal Liberation War Arc is the eighteenth story arc in My Hero Academia. With this The Rise of Villains Saga would come to an end, adding its ninth story arc to its collection. Season 6 will be big because it will be the conclusion of the 2nd Story Saga of My Hero Academia. With this, the anime will enter THE FINAL ACT SAGA.

After gathering information from Hawks, the Heroes have assembled all the information they require to face Paranormal Liberation Front. This will lead to an all-out war. NOTHING will remain the same.

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Key Visuals For Season 6 of My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Season 6
grabbed from Official TV Anime Twitter Account of MHA

The official Twitter account of the TV Anime dropped a key visual in which 10 pro heroes gather to fend their initiative towards the eradication of villains. The visual features the phoenix Hawks, fiery Endeavor, our beloved Eraser Headdo Sensei, Rabbit Hero Mirko, Dragon Hero Ryuko, Fans dearest Midnight, Voice Hero Present Mic, and fatty Fat Gum.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Has Been In Set Up Since Season 5

Because Season 4 Set Up Too High of A Standard

  • My Hero Academia had presented a banger with its season 4. The Shie Hassaikai Arc is perhaps the greatest story arc ever adapted for My Hero Academia. Season 4 was primarily dominated by two factors: Mirio and Overhaul. Maybe we can also add Deku in there but he’s kind of always there so I’ll leave him be.
  • The banter of Mirio at first comes oddly disapproving. Despite seeing what he’s capable of, one may have a hard time adjusting to him initially. Thing was, Mirio seemed too powerful. When he was introduced the entire class 1-a had a battle with him, and all the students miserably failed. Of course, he’s a senior, but Class 1-A is no small duck. Each student has gone through a series of overhauling odds against the league of villains.

  • Mirio was established as the No 1 potential to be the future no 1 hero. If not for the developments during the fight, Mirio would have remained one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia.
  • The fight with overhaul was breath-stealing. Deku utilizing Eri’s quirk to overcome his physical capabilities, going a full 100 percent one for all was a sight to behold. The rumble of Mirio in saving Eri was breathtaking. What defined season 4 was its serious tone an overarching villain and a glorious protagonist lineup.
My Hero Academia Season 6
Endeavor Agency Arc, key visual by Studio

Season 5 Wasn’t Meant To Be Fire Anyway

Hear me out. When we follow a long story such as My Hero Academia, there is tend to be some latency in the distribution of fire. By Fire, I mean that which really gets your blood boiling. Seasons 1,2,3 and 4 have been, well, really fierce. Each season set up very prominent arcs. My Hero Academia Season 5 adapted a relatively low-key one.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Was A Set Up For The Next Story Arc

  • Season 5 set up the Joint Training Arc from Manga and followed Izuku’s discovery of his new quirk. The second cour of season 5 was different from the first. It followed the Meta Liberation Arc and was full of the kicks that we so desperately crave.
  • What followed was Endeavor Agency Arc, where the top students of Class 1-A got a chance to work under No 1 Hero Endeavor. Now in some sense, the entirety of Season 5 was set up with Season 6 in mind. Sometimes Anime have to do that, in order to efficiently utilize the cheese of one particular storyline.
  • What follows next is a tear-jerker all-out battle royale, the Paranormal Liberation arc.
My Hero Academia Season 6
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Season 5 had to be a little under the rug because of what it was trying to set up for Season 6, and it is going to be one of the biggest showdowns of the entire My Hero Academia series. Coming to a conclusion for its second saga, My Hero Academia Season 6 adaptation of Paranormal Liberation Arc will be the ending of almost two third of the entire story. How will things proceed for Deku with all his six quirks? Only time and BONES Studio will tell the tale.

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