There’s nothing more savvy than the way Naruto Panel in Jump Festa 2023 rallied up hopes of the fans, only to later drown it with soap water. Although the world did not see announcement for a new Naruto remake, they did see the onset of something different. Narutop99 Poll Results- what is it? And who’s winning?

What is Narutop99

Narutop99 poll is basically, well, a poll (figured as much?). The poll lists out about 450 characters from the Naruto universe (designating both Manga canonical ones and Anime filler ones).

  • The point of the Narutop99 is to find out the top 100 (or 99, if you will) characters from the Naruto universe as envisioned and created by Masashi Kishimoto.

How Narutop99 votes for most popular characters in Naruto

Naruto99 Results

What’s more, this Narutop99 Poll is held for the entirety of January 2023. Users vote their favourite character, out of the 450 available, once a day until the end of the first month. At the end of the day, each character is given a poll ranking.

Whatever character retains the top position by the end of the month, will be shortlisted. This top character as per the Jump Festa 2023 reveal, will get an original manga written by Mashashi Kishimoto.

What will the Naruto Poll winner Manga be about?

Most Popular Character in Naruto
Hashirama and Madara, as imagined in the official trailer for Narutop99

The manga will obviously be a spin-off and be a short one. There’s already a manga adaptation going on of Sasuke Retsuden side story, which adapts the light novel of the same name. Plus, the current Boruto Anime is adapting the Sasuke Retsuden story as it awaits further Boruto Manga chapters.

Who will write the manga

With all that, even if say Itachi Uchiha wins the Narutop99 and gets his own spin-off manga, it won’t be a very elongated (stretched out one). But the possibilities in themselves are unique. And what’s even unique is that Kishimoto himself will write and illustrate the manga.

Will Kishimoto live up to the mark?

Naruto Poll popular characters
Image courtesy of official trailer of Narutop99

Although the recent trend in the Anime Industry sees pupils take up after their mentors, and joining them in their franchise. Akira Toriyama has more or less entrusted the Dragonball Super Manga to Toyotaro.

  1. Meanwhile, Boruto Manga is written by Ukyo Kodachi, until of course Kishimoto took over for few arcs. Few in the Anime community, do believe that all the recent arcs written by Kishimoto in Boruto have not been up to the mark.
  2. The thing about Narutop99 finding the number 1 most popular character in Naruto is that it gives the audience a fair chance at seeing their favourite character be brought back to life. And this too at the hands of Kishimoto. Although if you argue that Kishimoto’s recent work has been outright disappointing, we may just oblige.

Where to vote?

You can vote in the ongoing poll here.

Narutop99 results

Now here’s the updates for Narutop99 poll results. And so far it helps us narrow down the search for the most popular character in Naruto. As of January 15th, 2023, the poll has reached its midterm.

  1. The one sweeping the spot seems to be the fourth hokage, the legendary yellow flash of Konoha – Minato Namikaze. Joining Minato in second spot is, an obvious guess – Itachi Uchiha.

The most surprising turnovers from the Naruto Poll

Image courtesy of official trailer of Narutop99

The most surprising turnover from this poll is still that of Sakura Haruno and Shisui Uchiha. Usually, one would expect the likes of Madara, Hashirama, Itachi, Naruto, Kakashi to take up the top ten positions. With the exclusion of characters like Shisui Uchiha or Sakura Haurno. Shisui because of just how little of him was shown throughout the 700 manga chapters or 500 Anime Episodes. Sakura, because, well.

Sakura is usually considered as the ‘trash’ of Naruto. Usually pointed out for her uselessness throughout the series. But this ‘hate’ may have turned in favor of Sakura Haruno as she now tops the poll as of now. Interestingly, Kakashi’s father Sakumo Hatake is also in the list.

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