National Cinema Day 2023: Participating Theaters + How to Get $4 Tickets

National Cinema Day 2023 $4 tickets theaters

Streaming giants like Netflix and Disney+ have made content more easily accessible than ever, at the touch of an app. And yet nothing beats watching our favorite movies on the big screen. However, buying tickets for them can often leave our wallets empty. Fret not, National Cinema Day is coming to your rescue on August 27, 2023 where you can buy tickets for just $4 in participating theaters across the United States. Let’s find out more about this.

What is National Cinema Day 2023? 

National Cinema Day is all about celebrating the joy of watching movies on the biggest possible screens. The event is hosted by the Cinema Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the cinema exhibition industry.

Celebrated for the first time last year, National Cinema Day highlights the communal experience of watching films. It’s a day that acknowledges the power of movies to unite people and provide them with entertainment that’s larger than life. 

This year’s National Cinema Day falls on August 27, and it’s all about making quality cinema accessible to everyone. As a result, most theater chains across the country are coming together for this cause and selling tickets at just $4, compared to the $10 average.

Last year, over 8.1 million moviegoers went to participating theaters on National Cinema Day. It became the highest-attended day of the entire year and generated box office revenue of $23.8 million, even with the discounted ticket price of $3. 

Which theaters are participating?

More than 3,000 theater locations and approximately 30,000 screens across the US will take part in National Cinema Day 2023. Major theater chains like AMC Theatres, Regal Movies, and Cinemark have already announced their participation. 

Apart from the $4 tickets, some of these chains are also providing special promotions on concessions. For example, AMC and Regal are selling small popcorn + drink combos at $5 and $4 respectively. 

To find out if your nearest theater is participating in National Cinema Day 2023, head to the official website, Fandango, or the local theater’s site or app. The campaign includes IMAX theaters as well. 

According to a survey, moviegoers prefer going to theaters on a particular occasion like National Cinema Day. This is mainly due to the affordable pricing and the ability to pick any specific movie that they want to watch. 

Movies you can watch on National Cinema Day

National Cinema Day 2023 promises to be an absolute treat, mainly thanks to the lineup of movies. There’s clearly something for everyone out there. If you’re one of the few people out there who still hasn’t watched Barbie or Oppenheimer or even Mission Impossible 7, you can watch them for $4 on Sunday.

Catch up with new releases like DC’s Blue Beetle, Gran Turismo, Golda, The Hill, Strays, Retribution or Bottoms. Additionally, family favorites like The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Pixar’s Elemental, and Disney’s The Little Mermaid are still playing on some screens. 

The re-release lineup is also stacked with Jurassic Park (3D), American Graffiti, Lady Bird, and Oldboy. Bear in mind that the ticket prices apply to midnight showings on Sunday in select locations.

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