The Official Pokemon Youtube Channel have revealed some interesting features coming to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

First of all, we have the nature change feature coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield. This is something which has been asked for quite some time now and it has finally been added to the franchise. Mints can now be used to change the effects of a pokemon’s nature. Moreover, supplements like Calcium can be used to max out a pokemon’s base points.

Secondly, egg moves can now be passed on from on pokemon to the other of the same species. Players can also level up using Exp Candies. Lastly, pokemon boxes can now be accessed from anywhere.

These are pretty good changes coming to the upcoming Pokemon game and will excite fans out there considering it makes competitive breeding better, and adds a number of other changes as well.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is all set to release on 15th November 2019.


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