NBA 2K23 x Michael Jordan – Hype is REAL!!!

Okay, if you knew who Chicago Bull’s number 23 is, then you might get excited like every one of us because… Yes! The NBA 2K23 Championship Edition’s cover athlete will be Michael Jordan! And a lot of fans are going crazy because of this!

We admit here at Spiel Times that we didn’t have the balls to even put him on our Top 10 List of Possible NBA 2k23 Cover AthleteIt just makes sense since NBA 2K23 has the number 23 in it. Cool huh?

NBA 2K23 x Michael Jordan

NBA 2K23 has officially provided information about this year’s game and unveiled its first cover star after much discussion among basketball lovers. Since 2023 also happens to be the year that the NBA All-jersey Star’s number, 23, falls, Michael Jordan will indeed make a fourth appearance in the NBA 2K case.

Michael Jordan’s 4th Appearance + Preorder

  • The cover of NBA 2K23 will feature the person that personifies the number 23. In 2K23, Michael Jordan will appear in both the Standard version and the Championship edition, both of which will be available for pre-order on July 7.
    • Jordan will appear on an NBA 2K cover for the fourth time in 2K23. He first appeared on the cover of NBA 2K11, and then he appeared again on the cover of NBA 2K12.
    • His appearance on the NBA 2K16 Special Edition cover served as the subject of his third cover.

Launch Date

When NBA 2K23 launches on September 9, 2022, Michael Jordan will appear on the covers of both the Michael Jordan Edition and the ultra-premium Championship Edition.

NBA 2K11 Jordan Challenges is BACK!!! (All Editions)

  • Along with his appearance on the cover, The Jordan Challenges are also coming back, with all 10 of the original challenges from NBA 2K11 being totally redone from scratch.
  • Michael Jordan has a total of 15 famous moments in his career. Not just the two editions of the game where Jordan is featured on the cover will have the mode; all editions will have it.
    • In the later part of this summer, prior to the release of NBA 2K23, more information regarding these challenges will be made available.

Devin Booker is one of the Cover Athletes

  • Devin Booker reportedly will appear on one of the game’s covers.
  • On July 7, 2022, when pre-orders for the game also go online, both will be revealed information will be revealed.
  • Now that we know that Devin Booker is one of the Cover Athletes, can we now say the other one would be Stephen Curry? It’s also possible that they may choose King James, well ’cause ’23’. 😀

Championship Edition

  • The Championship Edition will include a 12-month NBA League Pass subscription, granting the purchaser access to the entire 2022–2023 NBA season.
  • The game will try its best to live up to the fame of the athlete on its cover, and it is expected to be a spectacular product.
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