NBA All-World – How to download + Is it worth it?

NBA All-World - How to download + Is it worth it

Are you an NBA fan? Pretty sure you’ve already tried playing any of the NBA 2K games, whether on mobile, consoles, or other gaming devices. But, did you know about the latest NBA All-World game? You can catch the ball and make hoops at the palm of your hands — through your mobile phones. Niantic’s NBA All-World drops, here’s a guide on how to download it, and if it’s worth it. Well, Niantic would sound familiar to gamers as they headed the development of Pokemon’s AR game — Pokemon GO.

How to download NBA All-World

Before downloading, you may want to know everything about the All-World game first, right? This mobile game should be the first time that Niantic would venture into the sporting scene. If you played Pokemon GO when it became a hit in 2016, maybe Niantic wanted to try another hit with this one.

  • What if we told you that this game would be similar to GO, but instead NBA themed? Do you think you’d dig into that kind of game? Niantic had been trying to replicate the success of GO, they tried Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (but failed), and Pikmin Bloom (again, not okay).
  • Now, Niantic, with National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Basketball Players Association, enter the hoops community. Are you ready to meet the NBA players’ avatars in the game? Let’s download the game on your phone, and tell us about it then.
All-World, info
Image Courtesy of NBA All-World
  • For Android phone users, you may head to the Google Play Store. Currently, NBA All-World has more than 100,000 downloads. On the other hand, for Apple phone users, simply go to the App Store. Don’t worry about purchasing, the game is free-to-play, so you may give it a shot!

About All-World

If you want to enjoy a 1v1 game against your favorite NBA player, then this may be a time for you. Whether you’re a solid fan or a casual hoop-getter, get your phone ready to play and explore your surroundings!

  • Get the chance to encounter NBA players when you start your adventure. Recruit the players and then make a team of yours. You can explore the world, gather collectibles, and join special Arena Tournaments in the game.
Niantic NBA All-World, is it worth it
Photo Courtesy of NBA
  • Significantly, when playing basketball, you have to wear the comfiest clothes you can, right? The AR game didn’t make it much different in real life though, so customize your character all you can. Of course, you can find these gears around. A quick tip: your shoes may give you an added boost to your game!
  • Experience the NBA like never before! NBA All-World takes hoops to the next level, putting the world of basketball into the palm of your hand. Explore, collect, and compete, and be ready to bring your A-game to take on the best names.

Is it worth it?

Well, to be honest, it’s too early for now to say if the game’s worth it. However, it wouldn’t hurt you to take a shot at the newest NBA All-World, not even a penny would drop! So, at this point, it may be worth trying to download it. You’d probably enjoy the game, and also, be ready for new updates and open to changes in the game as it’s just starting!

NBA All-World, how to download
Image Courtesy of Google Play Store

NBA All-World became available worldwide just recently, on January 24th. Available for both Android and Apple phones, so enjoy players! Let us know your thoughts below, do you think the NBA All-World is worth 

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