NBA: Charles Barkley vs Kevin Durant – Who won the interview?

Kevin Durant slams Charles Barkley after 60 minutes interview

Two legendary NBA players are once again in the middle of word brawl on the internet. Sir Charles Barkley and Kevin Durant find themselves the headlines of the news after the two basketball icon’s back-and-forth debacle. With their recent issue, who is winning against who?

Charles Barkley called Kevin Durant “very sensitive”

During his interview on the 60 Minutes, the Round Mound of Rebound threw some shade against Kevin Durant.

As usual, Chuck found a nick of time to slam Kevin Durant. He told during the interview that, although KD is a great talent, but he is “very sensitive”.

Barkley even added more flame by saying, “He’s part of that generation who think he can’t be criticized. He’s never looked in the mirror and says ‘Man, is that a fair criticism?'”

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Meanwhile, Kevin Durant claps back for never respecting anything the NBA legend says

After the intriguing interview came out, the Phoenix Suns’ forward quickly went to Twitter to share his thoughts.

Durant dropped the axe by saying that he’ll never respect the words that comes out of Barkley’s mouth. Well, this feud is definitely getting out of hand.

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This is not the first time Durant and Barkley had an altercation. Last Year, KD called Barkley a “hatin’ old head” after the latter’s criticism of Durant

Ever since Durant came to Golden State, Chuck has been taking jabs at the future Hall-of-Famer. When he won chips with GSW, Barkley questioned his legacy. Then, when KD signed with the Brooklyn Nets a few years ago, Barkley criticized KD for failing to carry the Nets in the playoffs.

The two have been going at it for years now, but Barkley wants all the smoke. He has called KD a lot of names like “little baby”, “bus rider”, “weak”, and the latest one, calling KD “very sensitive”.

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Chuck vs KD: Did Charles Barkley just prove his point?

Many basketball fans have agreed with sir Charles, although he is disagreeable at times. They believe that with his constant criticism against Durant, he’s got under the Slim Reaper’s nerves. This goes to prove Barkley’s previous statement that Durant is afraid of being criticized.

Moreover, Barkley is living rent free in Durant’s head. And, with KD always trying to clap back, it seems that he is the one getting slammed. As we all remember, KD’s decision to team up with the Golden State Warriors in 2016 was considered the weakest move in basketball. As much as we hate to say it, that has since tarnished KD’s legacy. Even after winning 2 championships with Steph Curry, most people think it does not count and that he has to win his own rings, for his own team.

Who do you think won the Barkley and Durant feud? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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