Giannis Versus AD

There is an ongoing debate online as to who is currently the better overall athlete between Anthony Davis and the two-time MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo. Due to AD’s recent monstrous performances for the Lakers, there seems to be a case being built up that AD is a better power forward than Giannis.

Last night, AD goes off for a season-high 55 points against the Washington Wizards. In addition to that, Davis put up a 50-point double-double with his 17 rebounds (and also postering two players at once!). Anthony Davis is currently carrying the Lakers and is feeling himself again, but, is he really the better overall player? We’ll find out below!

Accolades and achievements: GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO

Davis, 29, is two years older than Giannis but the latter has definitely done more in his first nine seasons in the NBA. Looking at the accolades below from each player, it’s obvious that The Greek Freak takes this one home easily.

All-Star 6x 8x
All-NBA 6x 8x
All-Defensive 5x 4x
MVP 2x 0
DPoY 1x 0
RoY 0 0
MIP 1x 0
Championships 1x 1x
FMVP 1x 0


Natural talent: ANTHONY DAVIS

It’s safe to say that Davis is easily the more talented player of the two. He was picked first overall in 2012 for a reason!

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Before getting drafted, AD was already a huge star in Kentucky. On the other hand, nobody would have thought Giannis would become who he is now. Don’t get me wrong, Giannis is a helluva player, but AD is a naturally gifted player and he was already bound to become a beast even before entering the league.


Some would say that all Giannis do is run and dunk. That is highly unfair since the Greek Freak has amazing footwork and impeccable defense too. However, AD’s skill as a big man is unparalleled. He can almost do it all and is equally as good as or even better than Giannis in the paint.

The Lakers’ forward can shoot, bully opponents in the painted area, block shots, make plays for his teammates, and also play off the ball. Antetokounmpo may be improving every year, but right now, Davis has better basketball skills on both ends of the floor.

Athleticism: BOTH

The Milwaukee Bucks superstar is also known for his highlight reels because of his hops, but Anthony Davis is an athletic big man too.

Giannis is very unstoppable, especially in transition but Davis is pretty scary in the post and in pick-and-roll situations. The two have different playstyles but both are regarded as athletic bigs in the NBA.

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We are not taking anything away from Davis’ work ethic. However, there are only a few people who can match Giannis’ intense workouts.

His growth and development were mainly because of his ability to work hundred times as hard as other players. He went from being the scrawny kid from Greece to becoming a behemoth force for Milwaukee.


Giannis definitely loves winning more than anything else. He does not care about personal accolades, instead, he wants to win it all. Although Giannis and AD both have won championships, Giannis’ ring was more meaningful since he won it for the team that drafted him. He also brought a winning culture to Milwaukee and made them a team to beat since 2017.

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A true leader will never leave even through the toughest of times. In that case, Giannis would be the better leader between him and Anthony Davis. He hasn’t left Milwaukee and waited until he can win a championship for them.

On the other hand, it’s clear to see that AD is not the leader of the Lakers since LeBron is still on the roster. He hasn’t done any good in leading the New Orleans Pelicans too, so that would definitely be negative on his resume.


Do you remember the story where Giannis writes everything in his black spiral notebook everywhere he goes? It was rumored to be a notebook of knowledge from the late great Kobe Bryant, whom we all know, is the mastermind of the “Mamba Mentality”.

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Since then, Giannis evolved into an unstoppable force, becoming a two-time MVP and a champion. His passion and love for the game are similar to Kobe’s but he still left his feet on the ground.

Franchise player: BOTH

Both players are franchise cornerstones in their own right. Giannis for the Bucks, while Davis for the Lakers. Both are still in their prime which means the teams they are in now would still believe in them and build around these guys.

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Overall, Giannis Antetokounmpo is still the better overall player.

Although both of them are perennial superstars, Giannis is already way ahead of AD. They do have similar stats but Antetokounmpo has been doing this every year. Moreover, Anthony Davis can’t stay healthy which makes him a liability sometimes. Even with a 38-year-old LeBron James, AD is still the 2nd best player on his team.

Who do you think will have a better career? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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