Though the Golden State Warriors are a top team in the West, they have been struggling as of late and are looking a bit lost out there.

In their last 10 games, they have only managed to win two (2) games. If you look closely at their games, there is something off in the Warriors’ offense and defense. It feels like they’re exposed night in and night out, even though Steph Curry still plays at a high level and young guns like Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins contribute very well.

Even though Klay Thompson is back, the Dubs still have something missing to become a championship contender once again. There’s only one name that comes into mind when we think of the Warriors’ missing piece – Draymond Green.

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Draymond is arguably the heart and soul of this team.

He has been an absolute leader on and off the court. He is very hardworking and has great passion.

Green has not played since January 5 due to left calf and back problems. His return is yet to be determined by the Warriors’ medical staff.

The veteran forward was selected as an All-Star this season despite only averaging 7.9 points, 7.4 assists, 7.6 rebounds, 1.4 steals, and 1.2 blocks per game. These are pretty good numbers actually, but what does not reflect on the stat sheet are the “intangibles” he brings on the floor each night.

The “intangibles” Draymond gives are what made the Golden State Warriors a competitor again this season.


Draymond is the main facilitator and playmaker for the Dubs. His court vision is phenomenal and his basketball IQ is up there with the likes of LeBron James, Chris Paul, and more. He is the reason why Steph, Klay, Poole, and Wiggins get beautiful open shots. He also sets up perfect screens which is a very useful asset in team play.

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Everybody knows that Green is an elite defender who can guard the 1 to 5 position. He has previously won the Defensive Player of the Year award back in 2017. Draymond is no doubt the defensive anchor for the Warriors.

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The Warriors were winning when Draymond Green was on the court. They were the top dog in the tight Western Conference but have now fallen to the 3rd seed. They’re still a great team, no question about that. But, if Draymond ever returns, they will have a greater chance at another chip this season.

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