OKC Chet
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Moving to our NBA news now, Chet Holmgren and Aleksej Pokusevski join OKC, also known as the Thin Towers. Now, what awaits OKC’s future frontline?

The Thin Towers

Chet Holmgren awed NBA fans with his muscles not quite showing, he’s long and skinny, as well. Never could have imagined any other NBA player with that body shape yet. However, he’s certainly an NBA material as he ranks no. 2 in the Draft Pick.

OKC Chet
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Well, fortunately, we won’t have to wait quite long to see a player with a similar body shape as Holmgren. We don’t have to look far as his new teammate, Aleksej Pokusevski welcomes him to OKC.

OKC Andrej
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Moreover, comparing their body shapes to the slim Kevin Durant, who weighs 240 pounds and stands 6’10 ft. Chet weighs 195 pounds and Pokusevski weighs less than 5 at 190 pounds, both stand as they list 7 feet tall. However, Chet has a longer wingspan of 7’6 feet, while Aleksej has 7’3 feet.

The Thin Towers? The Slendermen? Let’s wait to what more nicknames the fans have for them!

Chet and Aleksej’s Gameplay

Same body shape doesn’t mean the same gameplay. Chet has a 39% shooting rate in the deep at Gonzaga. On the other hand, Aleksej is famous for his sudden passing, and more for his playmaking ability.

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More or less, they aren’t a diagonal in playing, but both have different responsibilities. Chet is a center so he is more of a screen, while Aleksej is more on the ball handler task.

More about the OKC Thin Towers

Chet Holmgren is a recruit (five-star recruit, we should say) from the Gonzaga, basically the most anticipated in his high school. On the other hand, Thunder picked Aleksej Pokusevski as their 17th overall in 2020, making Aleksej only 18 years old at that time and mostly played in Greece’s second division.

The two slim 20-year-olds are quite opposites. Aleksej because of his potential, he becomes part of the Oklahoma roster, and with his pre-Thunder stats at 9.9 points and 7.3 rebounds. While Chet is the most favorable prospect, as he has much potential, and plays with aggressive drives and powerful jumpers on the court too. Chet also averages 60.7% in shooting in the last season.

OKC currently has their 6’8 footer guard in Josh Giddey. Also adding to their tall roster are their trades, Ousmane Dieng, a 6’10 footer forward, and Jalen Williams, who has a whopping 7’2 feet wingspan, and stands 6’6 feet.

So there you have it, NBA fans! Any thoughts on OKC’s Thin Towers and their lineup?

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