NBA Superstars’ Decisions that shocked the world

Basketball hasn’t been short of amazing and stellar stories. Some even changed the landscape of the sport while some change the sport itself. Today, we will be looking at some of the most controversial and shocking decisions our most beloved NBA superstars made throughout the history of the National Basketball League (NBA)

  • The league had just celebrated its 75th anniversary and along with that is the list of the top 75 greatest players of all time. Some of which made a very significant change in the sport. Without them, we wouldn’t be hearing from this sport today.
  • What started from a mere peach basket turned out to be the greatest sport we know. With athletes getting better each year, it won’t be long until we will be seeing more generational talent sprung from the most unexpected places.

The Kobe and Shaq beef sends Shaq to Miami Heat

  • Arguably the most dominant one-two punch in NBA history held the league for many years during the early 2000s. Both Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal were a force to reckon with during their time together. The duo easily won 3 championships for the Los Angeles Lakers in 7 years.
Kobe and Shaq
Kobe and Shaq, Photo Courtesy of Lake Show Life
  • However, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies for Hollywood. It was an open secret that Kobe and Shaq were beefing with each other.
  • It wasn’t long until the two decided to part ways with each other. Well, it was Kobe who demanded a trade. Back then, it was a choice between him and Shaq on who should be the face of Los Angeles. And, we know who they went with.
  • Shaq was sent to the Miami Heat where he won a championship with an up-and-coming star, Dwyane Wade, in 2004. Meanwhile, Kobe struggled for a few years in the West before getting help in 2008 when he had another great partner in Pau Gasol.

Despite their differences, the two Hall-of-Famers decided to settle their feud back in 2018. It was a happy moment for Kobe and Shaq as well as the entire NBA community. Rest in peace, Mamba!

Kevin Durant Signing With The Golden State Warriors in 2016

If you can’t beat them, then join them! And so Kevin Durant did. Back in 2016, after choking in the Western Conference Finals against Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, KD decided to try his luck with the very team that beat him.

Photo Courtesy of NBA
  • Though it tarnished his legacy, it also added to his accomplishments as he won two championships with GSW and took home the Finals MVP twice. Since then, fans have been having a love-hate relationship with Durant. Some call it the weakest move a superstar could ever do. With Durant’s recent trade request from Brooklyn Nets, this thing never seems to get old.
  • Coincidentally, 2016 might just be a year of the most shocking basketball news.
    • First, Kobe announced that he is finally retiring from the league. In the most Kobe-Esque way possible, he ended his career with a 60-point game against the Utah Jazz.
    • Second, LeBron James and the Cavaliers defy all odds as they beat the Warriors after being down 3-1. It was the only time a team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit. And, lastly, Durant signs with the Warriors.
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LeBron James’ “The Decision”

One of the most shocking and groundbreaking moves in the NBA could be LeBron James’ announcement back in 2010. “The Decision” – as he calls it – made the headlines and created a ruckus. Cleveland Cavaliers fans were very furious and frustrated that their only hope of getting a championship back then is taking his talents to South Beach (Miami).

  • His former fans were extremely angry about him leaving the city. As a result, they despised LBJ and burned all of his jerseys and memorabilia. It was an event most of us would like to forget.
  • However, 4 years later, LeBron surprisingly returns to Cleveland and eventually brings home a chip for the team in 2016. But, remember his decision in 2010, it easily is a top 5 shocking moves in sports history.

Michael Jordan in 1995: “I’m Back”

March 18, 1995 – The date when his Airness, Michael Jordan, announced that he is returning to the NBA with just these two words: “I’m back”.

  • Jordan coming out of retirement was a thing of beauty for the city of Chicago. After his retirement in 1993 wherein he focused his time on playing another sport (i.e. baseball), MJ decided to give it another run with the Bulls.
  • They won a three-peat before his first retirement and he promised to win another one. Fortunately, Jordan delivered and he cemented himself in the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All-Time) conversation moving forward.

Which among the moves made by superstars changed the landscape of the NBA? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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