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The All-Star point guard of the Philadelphia Sixers, Ben Simmons, has never played a single game this season. Drama and Tension is building up in the whole organization as Simmons refuses to play and be part of the team again.

Last playoffs (2021), in a series against the Atlanta Hawks, Ben Simmons got exposed as a liability to the team instead of being one of their greatest asset. Ben refused to shoot the ball , even much more during crucial moments. Fans and other players are already mocking him for his lack of confidence and will.

Even before the season began, Simmons refused to train in training camp, take part in drills, and even play pre-season games. This is what stirred a complication in the team, organization, and the fans. A few months later, he still has not showed up in the court.

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Now that the trade deadline is just hours away, rumors are again spreading for possible trade deals for the all-star guard. A few weeks ago, various teams, like the Sacramento Kings, Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, and Portland Trailblazers shoot their shot. However, no team came close, as the Sixers management turned down each offer.

When Joel Embiid, the Sixer’s superstar big man, was asked if he would welcome Simmons back to the team:

“I mean, honestly, I’m trying to win. I’m trying to win a championship. Whatever’s gonna help me achieve that, I’m fine with whatever. I’ve always said that, obviously, we’re a better team with him on the floor.”

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In the latest, the Brooklyn Nets looks to be a fine suitor for Ben.

Due to Brooklyn’s losing streak and KD’s injury, sources are telling that James Harden is “open for a trade”. By that, it should mean that The Beard already wants out.

By this time, it is now safe to say that Ben Simmons will never play for the Sixers any longer. It won’t be long ’til we see Ben play again, but for another team. Though before any of that happens, the Ben Simmons Saga continues in Philly.

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