NBA to stream all Victor Wembanyama games; Where and how to watch

NBA Streams Wembanyama Games

There have been numerous players in the past that were getting extremely hyped even before they got to play in the NBA. Zion Williamson and LeBron James are just two of the few draft prospects that were already shaking the league way before they got drafted. But, these two aren’t even close to the hype the French phenom (Victor Wembanyama) is currently getting from the world of basketball.

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Almost everyone is watching this 18-year-old big man whenever he steps on the court. Even professional players are already admiring this young man due to his incredible physique. A 7-foot-3 guy who handles the ball very well and can shoot the ball from anywhere. Not only that, he is a great defensive stopper in the post plus he is also good with his hands. Because of the attention, the NBA has announced that they will be streaming all of Wembanyama’s G-League games! You might be wondering – Where can I watch his games? Well, say no more! To know the answer to your question, read more below.

Where to watch Victor Wembanyama games online

According to the NBA, all Boulogne-Levallois Metropolitans 92 games which feature the projected 2023 first-overall pick Victor Wembanyama, will be streamed for free on the NBA App. Starting October 29, Wembanyama’s Mets 92 matchups will be broadcasted on the app, the first non-NBA affiliated game to be showcased on the said platform. Not only that, but the NBA will also stream other games from the top-tier French league, the LNB Betlic ELITE. This will include regular season and playoff games as well as the All-Star game.

The French prospect delivered on his duel against the projected second pick of next year’s draft, Scoot Henderson, in his exhibition game against G-League Ignite. Despite the loss, Wembanyama tallied 37 points while shooting 7 three-pointers and blocking 4 shot attempts from the opposing team. It just goes to show how gifted this young man is and because of his high demand, the NBA is showcasing his talent through the NBA App.

The NBA App is a free streaming app and can be downloaded on PlayStore and AppStore. To download, click these links.

Which team will Victor Wembanyama get drafted to?

The battle to which team gets the chance to pick Victor Wembanyama is going to get crazy this year. There are already a lot of projected teams to get the first pick but tanking won’t guarantee the pick.

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Due to the new rules set by the league, a team that is purposely losing and having the most losses does not mean they get to get the number one pick. It’s still a lottery for the teams who haven’t made the playoffs. Although, there are teams that are already falling in line such as the Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs, and Indiana Pacers.

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