NBA: What’s next for LeBron James after beating the All-time scoring record?

LeBron James milestone

LeBron James had just made history by becoming the NBA’s leading scorer. Even after breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 38-year-old scoring record, people are asking wondering about the Lakers and LeBron. Widely considered by some as basketball’s greatest of all time, LBJ’s basketball journey is still far from over. The man is built differently and he does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Following his amazing milestone, what could be next for the 38-year-old superstar?

38,390 points? Why not make it to 40k?

LeBron, who currently holds the record for most points scored in the NBA, still has a few more good years left in him. Despite his age, LBJ is optimistic he still got a couple more years and he still wants to play. With how great he’s playing even at 38, there’s no doubt that he’d reach the 40,000 point-milestone in a matter of time. Say let’s give LeBron a year or two, and he’ll be able to make another record. Doing so would make him the only player to ever make 40,000 points, 10,000 assists, and 10,000 rebounds.

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Playing alongside Bronny in the NBA

LeBron James Sr. has always been fond of the idea of playing with his son, LeBron James Jr. in the NBA one day. At year 20, he’s still unbelievably in his prime and doesn’t seem to age a day. Heck, he plays even better at 38 than he was at 28!

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His son, Bronny, is still a senior in high school but it would take him a long time until he becomes eligible for the NBA draft. Bronny could commit to a fine college this year and play at least one season there. That would mean he would be a one-and-done athlete, who would later commit to the NBA draft in 2024. If LeBron decides to play past the age of 40, it would be clear as day he’d be sharing the court with Bronny in the future. Who knows, he might even get to share the floor with his other son, Bryce!

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To win another championship

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently in the bottom half of the league as they are the 13th seed in the West. Despite the all-star duo of LeBron and Anthony Davis, this team still can’t catch a break.

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However, the Lakers front office made a huge move by sending Russell Westbrook to the Utah Jazz via a three-team trade. In return, they receive D’Angelo Russell (Timberwolves), Jarred Vanderbilt (Jazz), and Malik Beasley (Utah Jazz). The purple and gold flipped Westbrook with some fine pieces, to go along with LeBron’s championship hopes. It’s not the package, but they definitely made their roster better.

One thing that The King really wants is to win another championship. Of course, what kind of player wouldn’t want to win on the biggest stage? Obviously, although he’s already the GOAT to some, winning another title would solidify his case as the greatest to ever play. He has already surpassed Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in points, he’s made astounding records, he’s won rings multiple times, and he has been the best player in the league since he was drafted.

Is LeBron James already the GOAT? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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