Netflix acquires Average Height, Average Build: All details about Adam McKay’s next film with Robert Pattinson, Amy Adams and Robert Downey Jr.

Adam McKay is teaming up with Netflix again for his next comedy movie called Average Height, Average Build. The movie will feature a star-studded ensemble cast following the footsteps of McKay’s previous directorial outing, Don’t Look Up. Some confirmed cast members of Average Height, Average Build include Robert Pattinson, Robert Downey Jr., and Amy Adams. 

In March, it was announced that Adam McKay had assembled an impressive cast for his next movie. However, he faced difficulty finding a studio to fund the project because his style of comedy doesn’t always generate high profits. McKay’s comedies are often more focused on critical acclaim and generating buzz, rather than making a lot of money.

What is Adam McKay’s next film with Netflix about?

Average Height, Average Build reportedly centers around a serial killer who enters the political arena to alter laws in favor of murderers. Robert Pattinson will star in the movie as a serial killer who wants to use American politicians to make it easier for him to commit murder. 

Amy Adams will play a state lobbyist who develops a unique relationship with the killer. Additionally, Robert Downey Jr. will play a retired cop who is determined to solve the murders, but the killer tries to stop him from investigating. The serial killer becomes famous and presents himself as a hero.

Just like McKay’s previous works, such as Succession, Don’t Look Up, and The Big Short, this new movie will also use humor to comment on real-life political corruption. “Average Height, Average Build” seems to be an interesting combination of a dark comedy premise and political corruption themes.

All details about Average Height, Average Build on Netflix

Apart from the headlining cast of Robert Pattinson, Amy Adams and Robert Downey Jr., Average Height, Average Build also stars Forest Whitaker and Danielle Deadwyler. 

Average Height Average Build Netflix Adam McKay film Robert Pattinson Downey Amy Adams
The cast and crew of Average Height, Average Build (Image courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter)

Adam McKay, who has written the script, will direct and produce under his Hyperobject Industries banner with Kevin Messick. The film does not yet have an official release date, as shooting begins only later in the summer. 

After taking some time to decide on the distribution, Adam McKay presented Average Height, Average Build to the market. He ultimately chose to partner with the same studio that released his previous movie, Don’t Look Up.

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