Netflix: Alice in Borderland season 2; What to expect?

Hey, Netflix binge-watchers! Have you kept up with all the new series and films dropped on the online streaming platform this month? The Netflix Tudum event may have teased a lot of new and upcoming series, installments, and movies for its fans. On the other hand, there’s this series that we have been waiting for almost two years already. And with all due time, the waiting game is finally over for fans expecting Netflix‘s Alice in Borderland season 2! We’re here to discuss everything you need to know and what to expect in the upcoming second season.

What to expect in Alice in Borderland Season 2?

Up for another nasty game? We’ll try to tone down the spoilers of the first season, but prepare to meet a few players again *hehe*. In an interview with Netflix, lead actor Kento Yamazaki had this to say about season 2: “We had these really large-scale scenes every day and the world of the show is bigger than ever“.

  • The first season took an estimated 31 chapters of the manga series. So we can expect that the last 33 chapters of the series may be told in the upcoming season 2.
  • The end of the first season left us at a cliffhanger. The games are just starting, so we’ll definitely get new and exciting things in the next season. This sci-fi thriller will surely leave its fans on the edge of their seats once again.
Alice in Borderland Season 2, s1 characters
Image Courtesy of Netflix
  • Could the main characters, Arisu and Usagi escape the Borderland? Or will they face a nasty death in the game? Are there others like them trapped in the Borderland all over the world? Many questions come to mind, and we hope we can find an answer when Alice in Borderland Season 2 drops.
  • The director may have hinted at what’s going to happen in the second season, and we quote, according to a translation from What’s on Netflix, “I will draw a mysterious world that no one has ever seen and an unexpected development with uncompromising images.”

About Netflix’s Alice in Borderland Season 2

For fans of Squid Game who want more of the same genre or story, hop into the world of Alice in Borderland! Just a quick backgrounder about the series, Alice in Borderland is based on a manga series similarly titled and authored by Hara Aso. The Japanese series returns to Netflix for its second season, and here’s everything you need to know.


Alice in Borderland Season 2, main characters
Image Courtesy of About Netflix
  • Almost everybody knew that Netflix quickly confirmed its second season two weeks after its pilot release. The first episode dropped on December 10th, 2020 on Netflix. Since then, the show has been loved and supported worldwide, making its announcement for renewal a Christmas gift for the fans.

Characters, filming, and release date

If you haven’t watched the first season, we urge you to. You WILL miss a lot if you just skip to the second, so while we wait for the release, binge-watch Alice in Borderland with us!

  • According to What’s on Netflix, six new faces will welcome the watchers on the second release of the Japanese series. The following characters may bring more thrill to the series: Akane Heiya, Enji Mashushita, Kotoko Shiga, Kyuuma Ginji, Ōki Yaba, and Sunato Banda.

  • Alice in Borderland Season 2 began filming around July of 2021 and Netflix confirms that filming has wrapped up early this year.

  • Of course, as the filming concluded, the second season’s official release date was revealed to eager fans. Netflix Japan released this way back in November 2021, but we’re now quite sure that no possible delays may happen. Expect to step into the survival world again this December 2022!

Do you think you can survive for the second time around?

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