The planned Netflix adult animated comedy Bad Crimes is now getting the ax, canceled before it even gets a chance to air. The show stars Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus as the lead roles. The producers are veterans Greg Daniels and Mike Judge, known for his work with King of the Hill.

The show tells the story of two FBI agents who travels the country to solve crimes. All this they do while trying to balance their friendship and other aspirations. The adult animated comedy genre has been one of the recent successes at Netflix, with shows like Bojack Horseman and Castlevania.

The End of an Era

Bad Crimes was one of the last adult animated projects helmed by Mike Moon. Moon was the former head of adult animation at Netflix before stepping down four months ago. They replaced him with Billy Wee, who previously worked under the comedy and animation department of HBO Max. Moon left the job to start his label, Moonlight, which will be part of Illumination.

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After Moon’s departure, many of his planned projects started getting canceled. Among these include Wings of Fire, headed by Ava DuVernay, Antiracist Baby, and With Kind Regards from Kindergarten. Bad Crimes isn’t the first of its kind; likely not the last. People pointed out that the cancellations also coincided with the report that Netflix had a net loss of subscribers for the first time.

However, Netflix stated that the cancellations were not because of financial ones. Instead, they happened because the adult animated division was heading in a new direction under Wee’s leadership.

What Happens Next?

Back during the announcement of Bad Crimes, the producers were excited as they had gotten a dream production team. They knew they had more creative control with Netflix, which encourages different types of comedy if it all works out with its crowd. However, the streaming service is also known for its cancellations.

There have been many stories of high-potential shows which ended up getting the ax. Despite that, Netflix doesn’t look to stop soon, though the competition has grown over the years.

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It may not be the end of Bad Crimes as the producers aim to shop around networks to see if someone picks it up. Other streaming services can see potential since it has some completed content. The show has been in production since January and has a team of talented animators. Some of these include the Bandera Entertainment company, known for its work in Rick and Morty.

Time will tell if there is a future for Bad Crimes. There is a good chance for an indefinite shelving as producers pursue other projects. It all depends if there is interest from another field.

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