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In this article, we will discuss our Netflix Best Anime Films in June 2022. If we missed any title you think deserves to be on the list, don’t be shy to leave us a comment below.

One of the finest ways to enjoy anime on the weekends is to watch it on Netflix. It features a diverse selection of anime films, ranging from Studio Ghibli classics to new releases. We’d like to present you with some of the top anime movies on Netflix in 2022 that we believe anime fans like you should see. We compiled this list of titles we believe are worth checking out.

Spiel Times Netflix Best Anime Films June 2022

Flavors of the Youth

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Flavors of Youth initially focuses on nostalgia about days gone by. It is divided into three shorts with loosely connected themes. This animation, a Japanese-Chinese co-production, shines brightest when portraying the distinct flavor of Chinese culture. Despite the fact that none of the films are very surprising, they are appealing and emotionally impactful, especially the closing half.


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In this film about two friends who are suddenly transported to the kingdom of Evermore, NiNoKuni offers a classic fantasy story with a modern twist. Yu and Haru, taken aback by their unfamiliar surroundings, track down Evermore’s Princess Astrid and save her from a dangerous curse.

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However, Astrid is a carbon copy of their Earth buddy Kotona, who is dying of a cancerous tumor. NiNoKuni was created for fantasy aficionados and is based on a popular Bandai role-playing video game with Studio Ghibli-inspired character designs.


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The survivors of humanity live in a labyrinthine technological city-state in a post-apocalyptic future and are hounded by spiderlike robots known as the Safeguard. Blame! is a 2017 anime action film. Killy, a black-clad warrior from below who rescues a young girl named Zuru from the Safeguard, promises humanity salvation.

To preserve Zuru’s town, Killy teams up with Zuru and Cibo, a cyborg who predates the techno-apocalypse, in quest of a human who possesses the Net Terminal Gene that can control the robots. Blame! is both technically rich and action-packed.

Stand By Me Doraemon 1-2

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Anyone unfamiliar with the Doraemon franchise may be apprehensive to plunge into two main films. The Stand By Me Doraemon films reflect some of the franchise’s most memorable dramas and are friendly to newbies.

These films are a tribute to Doraemon’s durability, being heartwarming, charming, and meaningful. Stand By Me looks at a few different explanations for Doraemon’s perseverance.

Princess Mononoke

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Princess Mononoke was not only beautiful to look at, but it was also one of the first Japanese films to have a star-studded cast in the dubbed English version, proving that animation could appeal to a global audience. Gillian Anderson and Billy Bob Thorton are two notable examples from the 1990s entertainment sector.

Despite the film’s Japanese mythological influences, the themes of loneliness, remorse, and greed are universal. One of the reasons for the film’s popularity is because of this. The film also has the virtue of focusing on an eternal underlying theme that everyone can relate to, as well as empathy and consideration.

Spirited Away

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Chihiro and her family were on their way to a new home in the countryside when they discovered a ghostly theme park and a bathhouse dedicated to multiple gods. All gorgeously done, with plenty of CGI perfectly mixed into the traditional hand-drawn cells, as in previous Studio Ghibli films.

Spirited Away has higher stakes than earlier Studio Ghibli films since the protagonist must save her folks from becoming pork chops, and the monsters are more fearsome. This film aims toward an older audience.


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Bubble is an aesthetic masterpiece; in fact, it is perhaps the most beautiful anime film available on Netflix. From a technical standpoint, this picture is stunningly gorgeous with its amazing animation, incredible music, and brilliant character models.

The plot revolves around an intense parkour sport and two characters who are connected to each other in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo that has flooded streets and bubbles everywhere.  Unfortunately, the plot and characters in the film are both lackluster, making this fairly shallow entertainment.

A Whisker Away

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Miyo Sasaki is a shy youngster with difficult family background and a crush that she undoubtedly overstates. Miyo meets a cat spirit one day who lends her a mask that allows her to shift into a cat, which she uses to approach her crush.

A Whisker Away is a conventional love story about two youngsters who struggle to communicate successfully, despite its fantasy element. As a result, it’s preferable to walk in anticipating a quirky and entertaining rom-com rather than reasoning or analysis. Studio Colorido created an exceptionally stunning animation for the film.

A Silent Voice

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A Silent Voice is an anime film in 2016 which is near-perfect.  Shoya picked on the deaf Shoko as a child, and the anime deals with bullying, forgiveness, and guilt. When Shoko was forced to leave the school, everyone turned on Shoya in retaliation. Shoya’s efforts to atone for his sins are the focus of the film. A Silent Voice is a complicated anime that is tragic, unsettling, inspiring, and comforting.

My Neighbor Totoro

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My Neighbor Totoro is perhaps the most well-known example of anime that adults can enjoy watching with children of all ages. This film is known for its amazing animation, which features detailed forest creatures and lush countrysides with farms and woods.

The plot follows two clever sisters as they adjust to their new home and their mom’s severe sickness.

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