Netflix: Dahmer – Age Rating, Is it safe for teens?

Netflix Dahmer age rating

Are you planning to binge-watch today or over the weekend on Netflix? Are you a parent planning to tag your teenagers along? Or maybe you’re a teenager yourself looking for a new show to binge on Netflix. Have you seen all the teasers and talks about Netflix’s Dahmer? It’s only normal if the show piqued your interest and since you’re here, you should probably know about Dahmer’s age rating on Netflix, and if it is safe for teens. We’ll get right to it while also introducing you to the newest Netflix series. Stay with us here!

Netflix Dahmer Age Rating

Firstly, Netflix rates Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story at a maturity rating of 18+. The series involves violence, nudity, language, substances, sexual violence, and suicide.
  • In another description, Netflix marked the Dahmer series as ominous and dark. It covers Crime, Drama, Social Issues, and Horror genres.
  • If you are asking us if it is safe for teens, unfortunately, it’s not. At this point, we advise you not to tag your minors along if you plan to binge-watch the true crime series. There are many disturbing scenes that we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want your children to see.
Netflix Dahmer age rating
Image Courtesy of Netflix
  • Our Netflix Dahmer age rating: mature audiences, 18 and above.
  • Also, to the teenagers reading this one, you’re probably curious about the series since it’s all over social media lately. But please listen to us when we say that this isn’t suitable for audiences your age. It takes a whole lot of wide understanding, the gut and courage to finish the series, and the hardest effort not to repetitively curse and feel the urge to get sick when you watch it.
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All about Netflix’s Dahmer

The series consists of ten episodes. According to the Netflix description, the series “examines the gruesome crimes Jeffrey Dahmer committed and the systematic failures that enabled him to kill 17 teen boys and men”
  • Netflix’s limited series from Ryan Murphy stars Evan Peters (pretty sure you know him when you watched X-Men and the American Horror Story among others) as Jeffrey Dahmer.
  • To shed light on the brutal killings, the series was told from the points of view of his victims. Fair warning that this isn’t for the faint of heart.
  • It’s a Ryan Murphy show. Surely, that’s already a huge warning on what kind of show Dahmer would be.
Netflix Dahmer series
Image Courtesy of Netflix
  • Dahmer is one of the most controversial shows on Netflix right now. Social media has been abuzz as they talk about the limited-run series. In recent news, Netflix removed the LGBTQ tag on the series as the streaming platform faced backlash from netizens.

Check out these tweets talking about Netflix’s Dahmer:

  • User @alexissTyler also laid out the story of Dahmer in a Twitter thread, so if you don’t want (or are unable) to watch, but you’re still curious about the show, check it out here.

  • Lastly, Rita Isbell, the sister of one of the victims of Dahmer talked about Netflix not reaching out to them about the series. It would’ve been out of respect and sensitivity to reach out to the families of the victims. Unfortunately, Netflix didn’t do that, and just went ahead and premiered Dahmer.

  • Going back to teens who are looking for something new on Netflix, you may want to choose other shows or films that have fewer to no graphic/gory scenes. Maybe binge-watch a few K-dramas, just like the recently released Little Women, or maybe the action film ATHENA. Cartoons are also available if you are a fan of it!

That’s all we have. Happy binge-watching weekend!

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