Netflix is preparing to enter the gaming market. Potentially with the release of a series of digital games, according to The Information.

According to Netflix reports, the company is considering expanding into more immersive and video game content. Instead of relying solely on choice-based experiential episodes like Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, it’s suggested that this could involve a system equivalent to Apple Arcade.

With 200+ million users, Netflix will have more than enough reach for gaming content. Other entertainment powerhouses have failed to get even a sliver of the gaming pie. Consider Google’s Stadia streaming platform and Amazon’s mediocre efficiency from its gaming studios to get a sense of how difficult Netflix’s project might be.

Netflix is well-known for repurposing gaming content. Book-based games, such as The Witcher, were already produced by the company.

CEO Reed Hastings

Netflix has initially dismissed rumors of entering the gaming industry. CEO Reed Hastings stated in 2019 that Netflix had no desire in broadcasting video games. He also added that they dedicate their time to doing series and movies.

However, Netflix recently told Polygon that they are “excited to do more with interactive entertainment.” The comment, of course, makes no indication that Netflix is considering venturing into gaming. We’ll just have to sit tight and see if they’ve changed their minds.

The most pressing concern is how the company intends to profit from its gaming venture. While television and film production is remarkably expensive, video game expansion can easily exceed $100 million. Titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 supposedly costing $316 million. Furthermore, Red Dead Redemption 2 cost around $500 million. These games have the potential to be profitable, but they are not without stakes.

Although it may be premature to make any announcements, Netflix will host a Geeked Week festival in June to showcase new content. Maybe will get some clues there.

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