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Hey nerds, are you ready to run up that hill for the last time? The writers of Stranger Things have recently revealed bittersweet news about the fifth and final season. They have unveiled the number of episodes on Twitter. The final season is going to have a total of 8 episodes.

There is no surprise that they decided to have 8 episodes for season 5. As this could be a coincidence or not but since the final season is an odd number. Considering that seasons 1 and 3 also have a total of 8 episodes before. While both season 2 and 4 has 9 episodes.

Now knowing the number of episodes for the final season, fans are anticipating it even more. They are also now wondering what could happen through the board shown by the writers.

A total 8 episodes for the final season of Stranger Things

The final season is currently in the pre-production stage. As they only began writing and working on it this August. So they are now in what the writers call the “Grid stage” when they revealed the number of episodes on a whiteboard. This is the stage where the writers are going to organize the components of the story.

So upon seeing the photo, there was a fan who pointed out that two lines between episodes 4 and 5 could be a time jump. However, the writers replied that it is not a time jump in those episodes.

There could be no time jump in the middle of the season because they might do it in the beginning. As Ross Duffer previously stated in TVLive that they are going to do a time jump since the actors are already grown-ups.

Moreover, those two lines could be an indication of another part 1 and part 2 just like in season 4. While on the other hand, it could mean nothing at all. Besides, we are yet to have official announcements soon.

Other things to know about the final season
  • According to the Duffer Brothers that most episode lengths would be as long as season 4. However, expect that the season finale episode would be at least two hours long.
  • The main setting of the final season is Hawkins. There is also no surprise with this since all of the gang have now arrived in the place. As it is also the place where Vecna started it all.
  • Will Byers is going to be the focus. As Matt Duffer said in Collider, “Will’s going to be a big part and focus, is really all I can say of Season 5.” It would certainly be interesting to look forward to Will since it was through him which began everything in season 1.

  • There is no release date yet for the final season. So expect once again that it is going to take a long time for it to come out. It could be late 2023 or it could be around early 2024. The wait is certainly going to be worth it knowing how good season 4 was.

Make sure to follow their official social media accounts to know their announcements from time to time. So for now rewatch the previous seasons and listen to your Stranger Things playlist while waiting.

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