Inch by inch, Netflix has unveiled its interest in branching out into the ever-happening world of video games. Recently, Netflix announced that they wouldn’t be charging a dime extra for the subscribers with whatever they have carefully planned.

It seems that this streaming service is eager to build on the work that it has indulged in the arena through the Stranger Things games release along with interactive movies like that of Bandersnatch and also a collaboration that it did with WAE.

The talk of the town is that Netflix is contemplating working on developing its own game. Netflix had hired a former executive who worked with Zynga and EA, Mike Verdu. While we are still unclear about the role of Mile Verdu, he has been part of bringing together developers to Oculus when he was with Facebook.

It can be safe to assume that Verdu will play a similar role at Netflix and expand its library for games. With this move, rumors went spiraling around that the subscribers would still have to pay a bit extra to get their hands on these games. However, it turns out this is not the case. A letter released by the shareholders stated that these video games will only work on mobile games for the time being.

“Games will be included in members’ Netflix subscription at no additional cost similar to films and series.”

The rumblings about Netflix wading into the world of video games have been buzzing around for quite a while. Whether Netflix can execute its vision into an engaging reality is yet to be seen. However, Netflix does show an incredible promise of tapping into the immense potential of offering video games to individuals who don’t own any video game console.

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