Netflix: Umbrella Academy Season 4; What to expect?

Bittersweet news to all fans of The Umbrella Academy series. Netflix has recently announced the 4th season of the hit series but it is also going to be the final one. Moreover, the cast members are going to reprise their roles for it. So the fans are going to see the Hargreeves family for the last time.

The show began in February 2019 and it recently had its 3rd season this year. Which became successful and had positive reviews about the show. Moreover, the latest season left an intriguing ending, especially with its mid-credit scene of Ben.

So in this 4th and final season, the creator of the show Steve Blackman is coming back too. As he is also back as the executive producer of the show. With this news finally out, the fans may wonder what to expect for this anticipated season.

Blackman got an exclusive interview with Nextflix Tudum and he gave a few things about season 4. As he also gave a revelation about the ending of season 3. So read more to find out!

The first look at season 4 of The Umbrella Academy

  • According to Blackman, the timeline for season 4 is going to be the universe reprogrammed by Hargreeves. Therefore, some new enemies are going to kill the siblings.
  • He then explained that the siblings have no powers and we are going to see if there’s a way to bring it back. The fans are also going to see how are they gonna go up against their enemies without it. While the stakes are high this time too.
  • The questions have been answered for this one. As Blackman also revealed about the mid-credit scene of the season was Ben Sparrow. He even added that it is odd to see him on a Korean subway train. So there is certainly a reason why he is there and it is not a coincidence after all.

So the rest of the answers are going to be found in the next season. To know more about his interview, you may click here. Black also tackled there his upcoming projects too.

When is the release date of season 4?
  • As of now, Netflix did not reveal any release date yet for season 4. The pre-production until the post-production of the show could last for a year or more.
  • The earliest release date could be in the final quarter of 2023. Otherwise, it could be around 2024 instead. Fans are going to wait a little further to see how this show concludes.

So while waiting, savor the existing seasons until the final one arrives. Make sure to follow their social media accounts to know the latest updates about the show.

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