Netflix: Upcoming Korean film this February 2023

Netflix Unlocked Korean Film upcoming 2023

Korean Dramas and films are achieving new milestones through Netflix and the platform is bringing more in February 2023, starting with K-film Unlocked and Love To Hate You.


K-Media on Netflix

Korean entertainment was on the rise due to K-dramas and K-pop. However, thanks to Netflix’s Squid Game the Hallyu Wave become a worldwide phenomenon. Now, Korean media is one of the most demanded and celebrated contents on the streaming platform.

  • After last year’s success of K-content such as Extraordinary Attorney Woo, All Of Us Are Dead, Business Proposal, and 20th Century Girl, fans anticipated 2023 releases. Their anticipation didn’t need to wait for fulfillment as K-drama The Glory provided a glimpse of new highs Korean entertainment is reaching towards.
  • The promising year 2023 also released the Sci-Fi film Jung-E which received expected praise from fans across the globe. Continuing this success streak, Netflix has another Korean film in-store in February 2023. Let’s find out about it.
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Unlocked (2023)

The upcoming Korean film Unlocked explores the realistic horror-thriller genre. The story is about an ordinary office worker who loses her smartphone. The smartphone ends up in the wrong hands and therefore life-threatening chase begins.

  • The film will explore the fragility of personal data in the 21st century. Where losing a single smartphone, containing all the personal details can be life-threatening.
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More about Korean Film Unlocked 

The press released stills and teaser introduces Nami, whose daily life is shaken after losing her smartphone. Jun-Young, who digs up everything about her after picking up her smartphone, and detective Ji-man.

  • The teasers show Nami, talking on the phone with someone raising the tension and fear of losing smartphones. Chun Woo-hee, who is established as a versatile actress who can show sensitive content with realistic ease, plays Nami. It will be interesting to see how she portrays the terror of privacy in her other significant work such as Melo Is My Nature and Han Gong Ju.

  • Adding tension to the film is Im Si-Wan playing Jun-Young, who picks up her lost phone from Nami. His mysterious character with access to all the personal details of Nami is the main culprit of the story.
  • Im Si-Wan is wildly famous for his soft-boy gentle roles such as in Miseng and Summer Strike. However, he also proved his acting ability through the Emergency Declaration, where he plays the role of a cold-blooded terrorist. Therefore, fans are expecting powerful performances in Netflix’s Unlocked as well.
  • Lastly, the only support of the movie is Kim Hee-won, playing the role of Ji-man. He is a detective who intuitively pursues Jun-Young. We will get to see if his character proves to be helpful or not, to protagonist Nami.
  • The realistic thriller, Unlocked is set to spread horror to worldwide audiences through Netflix on February 17, 2023.
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Upcoming K-drama on Netflix – Love To Hate You

Netflix will also release the romantic comedy original series Love to Hate You. The upcoming K-drama is about a competitive attorney, Yeo Mi-ran (Kim Ok-Bin), and A-list actor Nam Gang-ho (Teo Yoo). When the two unlikely match makes a deal with their friends to date each other, they find themselves in an unexpected romance. The drama promises chaos and entertainment.

  • Another promising aspect of the drama is the combination of Director Kim Jeong-Kwon with My ID Gangnam Beauty’s writer Choi Soo-young. The K-drama will release worldwide through Netflix on February 10, 2023.
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