Netflix: Zombieverse 2023 – Release date + What to expect

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Zombieverse, a Korean reality show is releasing on Netflix in 2023 following the success of All Of Us Are Dead, and Kingdom — here are all the details you need.

zOMBIEVERSE 2023 Netflix Korean Zombie Reality show All of us are dead kingdom
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Korean entertainment is not only famous for its swooning romantic dramas, powerful scripts shedding light on social problems, or lighthearted comedies. It is also growing its popularity overseas through its reality shows and horror content.

  • Following the years of success of Running Man and Knowing Bros to the recent craze-generating Single’s Inferno and Physical 100, Korean reality shows are making their way into staple entertainment consumption for people across the globe.
  • Mix into those the toe-curling yet emotionally driven zombie content of All Of Us Are Dead, Kingdom, and Train To Busan and we arrive at Netflix’s upcoming Korean reality shows show Zombiverse.

What is Zombieverse?

Zombieverse is a Korean survival reality show. It synopsis uploaded on Netflix tells us more about it. The program is set in the backdrop of Seoul, where a zombie virus outbreak is spreading uncontrollably. The players must outwit the half-dead while facing challenging quests. How many of them will be able to come out alive?

  • The contestants will have to work together to survive the zombie apocalypse. However, how long will their teamwork last when anyone who gets bitten by a zombie ought to be left behind?
Netflix Zombieverse 2023 Korean reality tv survival show
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Contestants participating in Zombieverse 2023

The list of contestants features many familiar faces from all walks of Korean entertainment. The show is bound to offer intriguing synergy when actors, comedians, rappers, sports personalities, and even a professor come together for survival. You can check out the complete contestant list below:

  • Lee Si-young – She is a South Korean actress from Sweet Home and Boys Over Flowers also famous for her comic skits on Instagram.
  • Ro Hong-Chul – A popular South Korean entertainer famous for his appearance in Infinite Challenge. He also shared screen space with Rain in The Hungry and the Hairy.
  • Park Na-Rae – A South Korean comedian. Her work includes I Live Alone, Battle Trip, and Amazing Saturday.
  • DinDin – A South Korean rapper and TV personality. He last appeared in the cooking show The Backpacker Chef along with Baek Jon Won.
  • Fukutomi Tsuki – A Japanese singer who’s in the 4th generation K-pop girl group Billlie.
  • Yoo Hee-Kwan – A South Korean baseball player who plays for the Doosan Bears of the KBO League.
  • Yiombi Jonathan – A TV personality who appeared in Happy Together 4 and Radio Star.
  • Yiombi Patricia – A TV personality and YouTuber. She is also the sister of Jonathan.
  • Hong Seong Woo – A South Korean urologist, professor, and Youtuber.
  • Kim Jin-young / Dex – A South Korean Youtuber and vlogger who also appeared on Single’s Inferno season 2.

When will Zombieverse release?

According to Netflix Life, the show will release sometime in the third quarter of 2023. Therefore, you can look forward to July 1 and September 30 for more details about the show’s release.

  • Undoubtedly, fans would prefer to watch the show in early July as the sooner it is the better. Stay tuned with us as we will surely update the official release date upon the announcement.
  • Update: Zombieverse is now available to stream on Netflix.
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Korean survival show Zombieverse 2023
Image courtesy of Netflix (All Of Us Are Dead)

What to expect from Netflix’s Zombieverse 2023?

Zombieverse is a survival reality show by creators Park Jin-Kyung and Moon Sang-don along with Kakao Entertainment.

  • You may expect blood and gore similar to Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead in Zombieverse. The art team from that show created the set for this show as well. According to reports, they aimed to make it look as realistic as possible. Moreover, you can most definitely expect Korean zombies probably dashing to grapple the contestants.
  • It will also be interesting to see the tasks and games involved to survive this zombie apocalypse.
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Zombieverse 2023
Image courtesy of Netflix
  • There is no doubt of Zombieverse is becoming the talk of the town once it’s released.
  • Update: Zombieverse is now available to stream on Netflix.
  • Let us know what’s your opinion about this new reality show in the comments below, and follow Spiel Times to never miss an update about Korean entertainment and Netflix series.
SOURCE: Netflix Life

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