Netflix's Heist Show Kaleidoscope
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Netflix is all set to release a trend-changing show on 1st January 2023. The show is an action-thriller titled Kaleidoscope. It shall follow a well-planned heist to steal from an unbreakable vault.

On The outside Netflix’s Kaleidoscope is just another Heist show but what makes it special is that you shall be the decision-taker of how the show proceeds. This show has eight episodes, each corresponding to color and time, and you get to decide in which order to watch. This means there will be 5040 unique combinations to watch in this series. Each combination provides a different understanding of the characters and the heist. But which shall be the most popular combinations, let’s find out.

The plot of Netflix’s Kaleidoscope

Action-Thriller Kaleidoscope is roughly based on a true incident. In the year 2012 Hurricane Sandy did significant damage. One of the damage happened in Manhattan where a bank suffered a loss of $70 Billion in unregistered bearer bonds. The show revolves around this incident with a timeline of 24 years before to 1 year later in 2012.

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Netflix's Kaleidoscope
Image courtesy of Netflix

.The star cast of Kaleidoscope

Netflix's Kaleidoscope What shall be viewers choice
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The episode of Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is divided into 8 episodes. These episodes correspond to a given color and time. Each of the episodes is said to represent the betrayal, adventure, and conflicts about the heist. The choice you make of the sequence will decide the perspective of the show. There are 7 episodes, which you may play in order of your choice, and end with the climax of the eighth episode. Here is a list of the episodes:

  • Yellow: 6 Weeks Before The Heist.
  • Green: 7 Years Before The Heist.
  • Blue: 5 Days Before The Heist.
  • Violet: 24 Years Before The Heist.
  • Orange: 3 Weeks Before The Heist.
  • Red: The Morning After The Heist.
  • Pink: 6 Months After The Heist.
  • White: The Day Of The Heist.
Netflix's Kaleidoscopic heist show
Image courtesy of Netflix

The probable sequences

Considering the 7 episodes it gives us 5040 unique combinations of approaching White: The Day Of The Heist. So, which shall be the most popular choices of sequence to watch? With the help of Choice Theories of Psychology, we have summarised 03 probabilities of choices that can be favored over the others. Considering that we don’t know if the colors have any special meanings related to the plot we have left them as it is.

Time Base:

The timeline of the heist is provided with the episode list hence one of the popular sequences shall be arranging the heist in an orderly fashion and going back. This style of viewing will create more tension about what happened on the day of the heist as the viewer goes back to how it was planned. It shall feel like going to the origin of the plan.

Narrative Base:

In this sequence, the viewer may arrange the episode in order of time and follow the heist in classic progression. This style shall be fit for those who are more interested to see the changes and influences that occur as the heist gets closer. It shall feel like being a part of the heist.

Netflix's heist show Kaleidoscope
Image courtesy of Netflix

Compromise Base:

Not everyone is good with decision making and when two extremes are provided people tend to reach for the middle ground. So, people of this category shall prefer to watch it as it is provided. Slowly progressing to the past, getting closer to the heist, and then moving ahead. This shall uncover the creator’s choice as well.

Bonus: Chaos Base

This is the category of all the viewers who shall play games of luck to decide the order. May luck be on your side.

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