DJ Brownskin viral video wife suicide poison backlash
A family potrait of DJ Brownskin with his wife and two children | A couple picture of DJ Brownskin and his wife (Image via Instagram)

The Kenyan artist DJ Brownskin is facing public backlash after the video of his wife, Sharon Njeri Mwangi, killing herself surfaces online. Mwangi passed away last year in July after drinking a poisonous concoction.

The clip didn’t make it online in the past however it is trending on various social media platforms and raising immense backlash against the Kenyan musician. There is no explanation for why DJ Brownskin was capturing the tragic attempt instead of intervening. Due to this netizens are urging he should face the consequences of his actions.

Trigger Warning: The article contains media and content related to suicide. Reader’s discretion is advised.

DJ Brownskin viral video wife suicide poison backlash recording
DJ Brownskin at the funeral of his wife (Image via Twitter)

Should DJ Brownskin get arrested for recording his wife’s death?

Michael Macharia Njiri, better known by his stage name DJ Brownskin is a popular musician. He is famous in Kenya and amazes a massive following of 40.1K on Instagram. As per his social media account, he enjoys performing on stage and recently performed a show with The Four Play on April 1. He is also a father of two children and the bereaved husband of Sharon Njeri Mwangi.


A day after the death of his wife, Brownskin posted an image of his family in memory of his wife. He mentions feeling her loss and promises to fill it with the memories they shared. Due to this heartwarming gesture, netizens were shocked to see the video of Brownskin’s wife consuming poison while he recorded it.

In the video, Brownskin’s wife Sharon Njeri Mwangi consumes a poisonous mixture following an argument with her husband. She mixes a concoction, drinks it, and then throws the glass at Brownskin. In a few moments, she is seen withering in pain. According to reports DJ Brownskin allegedly encouraged his wife to take this drastic step.

One of the children is also seen attempting to help Mwangi while DJ Brownskin continues to record the clip. There are many assumptions and allegations behind the reason for the recording surfacing online, however, not much is known about why the video was captured and leaked.

There isn’t a clarification presented regarding what caused the death of Sharon Njeri Mwangi. Furthermore, the reasons behind DJ Brownskin’s recording instead of helping his wife are also unknown, however, after the video reached the media, many netizens are urging the authorities to take action and investigate the matter.

Netizens’ reactions towards the viral video captured by DJ Brownskin

Users on the internet were quick to react to the shocking video of DJ Brownskin’s wife consuming a poisonous mixture. Many of the netizens questioned why the artist wasn’t investigated a year ago following his wife’s death. Meanwhile, many reached out to Kenyan authorities urging them to take some action.

They also debated the possible charges the musician can face if his wife did pass away following the event recorded in the video.


On the other hand, some also defended DJ Brownskin saying his non-participating or observing the tragic event doesn’t prove him legally guilty. They defended that it is too early to assume his charge on basis of a short clip. There is a chance that he helped his wife or the video isn’t factual as the source of the video is unknown.

However, many netizens emphasized that despite a chance of DJ Brownskin being innocent of assisting or encouraging his wife to drink the poison, he is still morally guilty of patiently recording his wife without stepping in to help her. Netizens especially expressed anger about the recording as DJ Brownskin’s child is also captured in the clip trying to help his mother.

Many netizens also extended their sympathy and concerns for DJ Brownskin’s two children who had to face their mother’s death and also witness their father record the event instead of intervening.

Can the viral video be used as evidence in court?

DJ Brownskin hasn’t commented on the backlash or the video at the time of writing the article. The investigation of the death is also allegedly pending.

When asked about the validity of the video in court, the constitutional lawyer Bobby Mkangi confirms that the video can be used as evidence in court if it meets certain criteria set for submitting evidence.

If it meets the evidence threshold then it will be valid however some parameters would have to be established such as when and how it was produced and whether it has been tampered with.”

According to Mwangi’s obituary, she was buried in her native town, the Koimbe Weithaga Village, on August 6, 2022.

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