Aftert getting announced back in 2018, Babylon’s Fall was set to release in 2019. However we didn’t hear anything about the game in 2019 raising questions over the fact whether the game is still in development or not. However, it seems like the game is indeed in development and we should be getting more news pretty soon.

Yosuke Saito, Producer of Platinum Games revealed that we will be hearing more about the game in 2019. In an interview with Japanese media outlet Automation, when asked about whether we will hear more news about the game in 2019, he said: “Yes, we’ll be doing that.” Here is the excerpt -:

“Saito: I have a lot of work. There is “Babylons Fall” (Platinum Games Development) as a new work.

J: So you can protect the story of releasing information from 2019?

Saito: Yes, I will protect it. After that, “Yorha: Dark Apocalypse” from “Final Fantasy XIV” that I’m doing with Yokoo. Several other projects are working. There are now on-site producers for each project, but they are not yet secure enough to let go.”


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