It won’t be E3 time ( even if there’s no E3) without game listings and Amazon France has yet again done the same.

The new listing, which is acknowledged by a resetera member states the following-

– 3 games from Bethesda
– 2 games from Square (+1 potentially)
– 2 games from Warner (+1 potentially)
– 2 games from Ubisoft (+1 potentially)
– 1 game from Take-Two (+2 potentially)
– 1 game from Capcom

There are also four listings for unnamed Nintendo Switch games which indicates there’s a lot of third party support coming to Nintendo’s device this year.

All of this indicates that these games were meant to be showcased at E3, but given the situation right now, they will most probably be revealed randomly sometime in the next few months or so.

Bethesda is the easiest to speculate as Ghost Wire: Tokyo and Deathloop are both late in development and is coming to current-gen systems.


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