New Battlefield 1 Map will arrive with the Grenade Crossbow

Grande Crossbow

Let the grenade chaos begin with the Grenade Crossbow

Battlefield 1 is getting a brand new map that arrives with the new Grenade Crossbow. The new map is Giant’s Shadow, that will bring fierce combat on the open ground and river banks alongside the Cateau-Wassigny railway.

The map will first be released for Premium Pass owners and players who preordered, on December 13. Rest of the users will get it a week later i.e. December 20. The map is absolutely free and that’s one of the best things EA has done for its users till date.
Grande Crossbow

With Giant’s Shadow comes the Grenade Crossbow, a powerful addition to the Support class’s arsenal. Based on one of many unique contraptions from the Great War, this gadget can silently fire two grenades of either the Fragmentation or High Explosive variety. – EA

The Giant Shadow map is filled with massive crashed airships and its structure is based on the Battle of the Selle.

British forces have broken through the Hindenburg line and are heading towards a strategic railway center. The outcome is uncertain. An armored train can still turn the tide.

Grenade Crossbow would be really effective and easy to send a dozen players to sleep at once. You may use it as your primary weapon, but IMO using it as a secondary would be much more effective.

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