New Bleach anime casts over 80 Voice Actors; rival studios unhappy

bleach thousand year blood war

Voice Acting is a demanding job. Even more so when an ensemble of over 80 people has to join for one episode. That’s what happened when Animating Studio complained to Aniplex and Shueisha for taking granting half the main voice acting strength to the new Bleach anime productions. Bleach Thousand Year Blood War is here. And the new Bleach Anime has cast over 80 Voice Actors to appear in a certain one episode!

Bleach has been one of the defining series of the Shounen genre from 2000-2010. What began as a series of accidents that led to Ichigo becoming the Substitute Shinigami to him battling Aizen, the former captain of the 5th Divison Gotei 13, Bleach has aged like wine. The Aizen vs Ichigo battle was one if not the most hyped anime battle in 2010. Following The Aizen battle, Bleach anime introduced the Xcution group.

The Fullbringer arc has always paled in comparison to the two wars that happened before and after it. Bleach Anime came to an end in 2012, with the Fullbringer act being the tape that closed the doors. Almost a decade later we have with us one of the most massive anime events ever – the premiere of Bleach Thousand Year Blood War. 

Bleach New Anime 80 voice actors
Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

Other Anime Productions Complain as 80 + Ensemble Cast of Talented Leading Voice Actors Gathered for Bleach

The magnitude of The Thousand Year Blood War is such that it has enacted a huge uproar in the animation studios in Japan. Studio Pierrot, empowered by producers such as Aniplex and Shueisha, gathered an ensemble of over 80 major voice actors. The sheer strength of such a large number of major anime voice casts put together in one recording studio would put any other animation studio in its low seat.

I mean, it’s like accumulating half the capital of a country into one corporation. There are plenty of voice actors in Japan, no doubt about that, but if you bring together all the major ones in one go, it’s sure to cause a commotion.

Why is There Such A Commotion?

  • So here’s the thing. Production companies handle a lot of things, including but not limited to voice acting. Usually, the animating studio and the producing studios are different. The animating studio can also produce the work by themselves. For example, Studio Pierrot is the animating studio but the producers are Aniplex and Shueisha.
  • The Animating Studio usually books a time slot, and then accordingly calls in the voice actors. The voice acting is often done beforehand and then depending upon the nature of the words spoken, the animation is done so to accommodate the mouth movement.
  • If an Animating Studio calls in all the major voice actors of the nation, the majority of the other Animating Studios would usually complain about it. Because the voice dub is usually done during pre-production of the scenes, without the voice actors production is essentially delayed by quite a lot.

  • 80 voice actors isn’t that big of a number in Japan, but given that these 80 actors are prominent ones, it’s a problem. The thing with Anime Industry is that often times the same leading voice actor appears in multiple works.
  • One can literally see Kana Hanazawa in half the new short cour (13 episodes) anime that comes out every season. Voice actors sometimes choose their work carefully, or are not approached by studios altogether depending on their line of preference.
  • For example, it’s less likely for someone like Kana Hanazawa to appear in One Piece as a long-term character (suppose a potential future Straw Hat member). Although I guess a little (jk, I mean way too staggering) amount of cash get even that possible.
Bleach New Anime
Snapped from

Noriaki Sugiyama, the voice of Uryu Ishida revealed a list of performers that contained which episode will require which voice actors. In one episode, the casting number was as high as 80.

Who Do The New Cast Comprise of?

Thousand Year Blood War Bleach Trailer
Ichigo in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War trailer (via Youtube channel of Aniplex)

Among the confirmed actors, we have Takayuki Sugo (as Yhwach) will make the latest and most forbidding appearance in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War. Yūichirō Umehara (as Jugram Haschwalt), Shunsuke Takeuchi (Askin Nakk Le Vaar), and Ayana Taketatsu (Bambietta Basterbine) will appear as members of the Quincy. Other than the popular voice actors Yumi Uchiyama (As Candice Catnipp), Natsuki Hanae (as Gremmy Thoumeauxa), Satoshi Hino (as Lille Barro), and Koichi Yamadera (Quilge Opie) will also be joining the new Bleach anime.


Bleach New Anime 80 voice actors
Snap grab through Viz,
Manga chapter #1

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War will be the contemplation of Tite Kubo’s Bleach Manga and the final arc. The final story of Bleach will tell the story of Quincy’s revenge on Shinigami. The Quincy were Monk Like beings who at one point hunted too many hollows, creating a deflation for the Shinigami. In a war of hundred years, the Quincy were eliminated primarily. Although few remained. How will the Quincy taint for blood? The Thousand Year Blood War will be Bleach’s greatest story told yet.


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