New concept art leaked for Rainbow Six Siege Y4S3 Operators

Two pieces of what appears to be concept art for Rainbow Six Seige, and it’s next two Operators for the game’s Year 4 Season 3 expansion, have leaked onto Reddit.

According to the images below, one appears to be a demolitions expert of some kind and the other an explorer or archaeologist.

Rainbow Six Seige 1Rainbow Six Seige 2

According to earlier leaked reports, one character in Rainbow Six Seige would carry a shield that can release canisters which are combustibleĀ and the other would be armed with a grappling hook that would allow them to climb up through hatches on the ceiling.

Both character’s gadgets would fit those shown in the images perfectly.

It’s been said that popular limited-time mode in Rainbow Six Siege, Outbreak, is being expanded into a full-fledged game called Rainbow Six Quarantine.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is scheduled to launch in early 2020.


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