New DotA Plus Spring Update; What’s New?

Despite the laws of Valve Time, the developer continues to provide patches on time in 2022. The Dota Plus Spring update went live earlier today, ushering in a new Dota 2 season.

More Assistant features, including a Rune Spawn Indicator and Neutral Item Upgrade Recommendations, are added to Dota Plus in this release. The subscription scheme, which comes with the existing Dota Plus features, continues to make Dota 2 players’ life easier.

DotA+ Spring Update

Valve appears to prefer experimenting with new features with the Battle Pass and subsequently adding them to its subscription structure, based on the way Dota Plus is shaping up.

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In addition to the Dota Plus subscribers’ quality of life improvements, the patch also added the Spring 2022 Seasonal Treasure, which can be purchased with shards. Cosmetic sets for the following heroes can be found in the treasure:

  • Axe
  • Anti-Mage
  • Death Prophet
  • Grimstroke
  • Kunkka
  • Lion
  • Omniknight
  • Winter Wyvern
Screengrab Courtesy of VIXDOTA via YouTube

Leafy the Seadragon, an incredibly rare courier, is also in the treasure.

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More Dota Plus quests were introduced to the game with the Spring patch to enable players to unlock more chests, with up to 115,200 shards available throughout the duration of the season. There’s also a new set of Guild Rewards, so it might be time to join a guild and start contributing.

Guild Tier Rewards
  • Emoticon
    • rapier
    • spin
    • whoahahah
  • Spray
    • Legion Commander Winner
    • Mireska Wow
    • Tidehunter Thumbs Up
  • Chat Wheel
    • “There is nothing that can stop this man!”
    • “А ну-ка иди-ка сюда. А вот все. Все.”
    • “再见了宝贝儿!”
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