New Gears 5 Escalation Mode Gameplay

After the thorny questions of smoking censorship in Gears 5, we can now move onto a Youtuber who shared 25-minute gameplay in which the renewed Escalation mode is once again shown.

In the Escalation mode, there is a survival fight between two teams fighting to control three rings on the map. Unlike previous editions, some elements have been added that increase the tactics and strategy of the games. Gears 5, will introduce a new system of lives, which aims to radically change the way of playing.

Each player starts with a reserve of five respawns. Each time you die, you can choose the most appropriate time to use the next respawn. When all the respawns are lost, you will no longer be able to be reborn on the battlefield. At the end of each round, the remaining players win an extra life and five at the end of the first half.

Other modifications will also concern the system of choice and placement of weapons. After each round, both teams will be able to change the fate of the fight by choosing to place a weapon. Weapons can be placed on a neutral centerline or in a withdrawal position near the spawn area of ​​your team. Players can also upgrade a weapon, activate a new loading option or disable an enemy weapon for three rounds.

To better understand the operation explained a few lines above, we suggest you take a look at the video below released by the LANDAN2006 YouTube channel.

We recall that the release date for Gears 5 remains set for September 10th. The multiplayer test sessions are currently scheduled for 19 to 21 July and from 26 to 29 July. This is only for Xbox Game Pass subscribers and for users with pre-orders.

What do you think of these improvements to the mode?