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The sudden debut of Rockstar Games’ new subscription (membership) service for GTA Online, which premiered on March 29th, has taken the gaming community by surprise. Players appear to disagree over the membership’s worth and why it was developed in the first place.

Nonetheless, many gamers will find it to be an excellent new element to the experience and will make the most of it. After all, the service has a lot to offer, thus this article will clarify whether the GTA Plus Subscription is worthwhile.

GTA+, Is It Worth It?

GTA Online now has a new membership service called GTA+ that may be purchased. At the Game Developers Conference, Xbox executives address the future of cloud gaming and the current popularity of Xbox Game Pass, among other topics.

According to the sounds of it, you can expect to receive $500,000 in GTA Online currency each month, along with a few freebies, discounts, some free upgrades, cosmetics, and extra GTA cash, RP, or reputation for participating in certain events.

How much is it all worth? The money is good, but it won’t make you rich overnight. The flying car, costs at least $4,700,000. That’s a whole ten months of GTA+ subscription.


  • The $1,795,000 Principe Deveste Eight vehicle.
  • A free Auto Shop valued at $1,920,000 in La Mesa.
  • Waivers for the $50,000 vehicle meet costs, paints and emblems, and so on.
  • A monetary sum of $500,000 is available.
  • Fees for the month of Ls Car Meet membership are waived.
  • Hao’s Special Works Race Series offers 3X GTA$ and RP.


Overall, April 2022 is a good product. If you already own any businesses in the game, the subscription’s value drops dramatically. The value of  $500,000 in GTA cash is normally $9.99, though. GTA+ appears to aim to assist individuals in catching up to the GTA Online billionaires. If you’re already able to generate profits the membership isn’t worth it.

It’s difficult not to suggest GTA+ to newcomers. Without it, you’ll be laboring for months just to enjoy the in-game luxuries. It’s difficult to acquire any considerable sum of money until you have a money-making system involving all of your assets and businesses.

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