New HYBE x ADOR Girl Group, NewJeans – All Details You Need

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Kpop fans, care to listen to new music? The newest HYBE x ADOR girl group, NewJeans, drops consecutive music videos before their debut date that brought curiosity to Kpop listeners. Here are all details you need to know about them!

HYBE x ADOR’s NewJeans

NewJeans is directly under ADOR Entertainment and HYBE Labels. All Doors One Room (ADOR) Entertainment is an independent label under HYBE in 2021. Moreover, the girl group’s producer is the famous Min Hee Jin. Familiar? If you are a fan of groups from SM Entertainment or just an avid Kpop fan, yes, the former creative director of the said entertainment. She worked with f(x), EXO, and Red Velvet (iconic comebacks!).

Furthermore, the new girl group took the Internet by storm, dropping not one, but two tracks before their debut. On July 21, the group launched its first attack to grab everyone’s attention with their first track “Attention”. A dance-pop beat that would surely want to give attention! The next day, they posted the Performance Video of the said track, you may want to visit their official accounts to watch these videos!

NewJeans Attention MV
Screengrab Image Courtesy of HYBE Labels via YouTube
NewJeans Attention MV 2
Screengrab Image Courtesy of HYBE Labels via YouTube

Moreover, following the first track, “Attention”, throws their second track “Hype Boy”. It is an electro-pop genre that was released on July 23rd. Each member released their version of Hype Boy‘s official music video. Danielle and Haerin join each other on their own, while the other three have solo music videos. You can check out the official YouTube page!

NewJeans Hype Boy Teaser
Screengrab Image Courtesy of HYBE Labels via YouTube

While NewJeans throws a b-side, “Hurt”, just this midnight, July 25. The enticing color grading, the visuals, and the vocals of this young girl group are such pleasant sights and hear. “Hurt” is an R&B song that focuses on NewJeans vocals and visuals based on the music video released. You just have to love the heavenly voices of these teens!

NewJeans Hurt MV
Screengrab Image Courtesy of HYBE Labels via YouTube
NewJeans Hurt MV
Screengrab Image Courtesy of HYBE Labels via YouTube

The Music Videos

NewJeans Logo
Screengrab Courtesy of @newjeans_official via Instagram

The songs are not just what people have been hyping it for, but also the music videos’ diversity and representation. From Attention’s opening scene with different people in front of the theater house, and the concert, to its online friends of Danielle and their different races or ethnicity.

Fans worldwide appreciate the representation as they feel loved and respected by these MV concepts. Moreover, the Hype Boy music videos just brought more of this diversity. The MVs are different teen love stories where the girls portrayed the protagonists.

NewJeans Hype Boy 1
Screengrab Image Courtesy of HYBE Labels via YouTube

In Danielle and Haerin’s music video, women empowerment and strong friendship are mainly seen in the MV. The two girls knew about their same love interest, and they manage to stick together ’til the end and close their ties with the guy!

NewJeans Hype Boy 2
Screengrab Image Courtesy of HYBE Labels via YouTube

Here in Minji’s music video, we can see her interacting and falling for the cute guy she met in the amusement park who is black. Love knows no color says Minji’s music video and story!

NewJeans Hype Boy 3
Screengrab Image Courtesy of HYBE Labels via YouTube

Moreover, in Hyein’s music video, we can see her interested in the artistic cute Spanish guy, and eventually falling for him. Peek the MV to see the cute inhaler (it’s the guy’s since he is ashmatic). Probably Hyein’s MV shouts love despite the boundaries of race.

NewJeans Hype Boy 4
Screengrab Image Courtesy of HYBE Labels via YouTube

Lastly, we have here Hanni’s music video where her love interest is a masked, hoodie dancer she saw online. Well, despite having a gender-specific title, this doesn’t stop them to dive into queer representation. Hanni met the dancer and maybe a genderfluid, Trans, or non-binary, but Hanni’s character doesn’t mind. Love knows no gender, and love freely says Hanni’s music video! These teens receive much admiration and love for this diversity and representation.

Hold on, did we just say ‘teens’? Yep! Let’s now introduce you to the members of this HYBE x ADOR girl group.

NewJeans’ Members

NewJeans Group Photo 2
Image Courtesy of HYBE Labels

On July 22nd, a day after the release of their first track “Attention”, the NewJeans’ five-member group was introduced. We’ll list down information about these girls if you are interested in following their Kpop career!

NewJeans (Hangul: 뉴진스) debuts on August 1st, by the way! Watch out for their first EP! Also, official accounts of the group opened and you can be updated through the following:

Official Website:

YouTube: NewJeans

Twitter: @NewJeans_ADOR

Instagram: @newjeans_official

TikTok: @newjeans_official

These are the official accounts you can follow as of this writing. Furthermore, let’s go to the members!


In the introductory GIFs for the members of NewJeans, each member has a specific ‘new thing’ to advertise. However, if you have not read the small disclaimer in the introduction GIFs, it states that: NEW THINGS is a series of fictional advertisements featuring Newjeans. Items are not for sale. Each member’s ad features a different item. Each item is chosen at random and has no further meaning. We just want to clear that out for you before we start!

Minji (민지)

Name: Kim Minji (김민지)

NewJeans Minji
Screengrab Image Courtesy of @NewJeans_ADOR via Twitter

Introducing the first member of NewJeans, Minji. Born in 2004 and a Korean, she holds the “New Phone” in the introductory teaser per member of the group. She was the first to post her introduction on their official Twitter. Also, Minji is a former Source Music trainee, just a fun fact.

Hanni (하니)

Name: Phạm Ngọc Hân / Hanni Pham

NewJeans Hanni
Screengrab Image Courtesy of @NewJeans_ADOR via Twitter

Secondly, we introduce you to Hanni! Another fun fact, Hanni is the first Vietnamese idol under HYBE. She is born in 2004 (she and Minji are the two ‘eonni’, eldest sisters in Korea, in NewJeans). She has the “New Ukulele” with the tagline “For all the musicians out there”. Additionally, she speaks Vietnamese, Korean, and English, as well!

Hyein (혜인)

Name: Lee Hyein (이혜인)

NewJeans Hyein
Screengrab Image Courtesy of @NewJeans_ADOR via Twitter

Furthermore, the third member introduced is Hyein! Her birth year may come to you as a surprise, but yes, she is born in 2008. This fringe cutie is the ‘maknae’ (in Korean) or the youngest in the girl group. Hyein can speak Korean and English too. Additionally, she advertises the “New Sunglasses”, and is also a huge fan of BTS!

Haerin (해린)

Name: Kang Haerin (강해린)

NewJeans Haerin
Screengrab Image Courtesy of @NewJeans_ADOR via Twitter

The fourth member of the newest girl group, Haerin. This 2006 born from Gyeonggi-do is the second youngest of NewJeans. She can speak Korean and English too, just like the others in the group. She has the “New Scrunchie” in the introductory GIF. Additionally, she has the nickname ‘voice fairy’.

Danielle (다니엘)

Name: Danielle Marsh / Mo Jihye (모지혜)

NewJeans Danielle
Screengrab Image Courtesy of @NewJeans_ADOR via Twitter

Lastly, to complete the five-member girl group, we introduce you to Danielle! Born in 2005, this Korean-Australian completes NewJeans. Her father is Australian, while her mother’s Korean. She can speak Korean and English well. Danielle has the “New Face Stickers” in the introduction clip. Also, her family name’s Mo (which is rare in their country), and a part of the Hampyeong Mo clan.

NewJeans’ Phoning

As for long-time Kpop fans, we are all familiar with applications like VLive, Fancafe, Universe, and Weverse among the platforms we use to communicate with idols. However, NewJeans lives up to its name ‘new’ and introduces a new application for their fans to communicate with them — Phoning.

NewJeans Phoning App

Peek the Phoning interface above! The Phoning application for NewJeans is now available for download on iOS and Android. The application is under the developers of Weverse Company and you may stay tuned for further announcements on how you can use Phoning.

NewJeans’ First EP Album

NewJeans Group Photo 1
Image Courtesy of HYBE Labels

NewJeans drops an album teaser earlier this day, July 25. Pre-order links are now available on the Weverse Shop. Well, if you are interested in their upcoming album, New Jeans, we’ll put in the details you may need to purchase! All purchase links are from the Weverse Shop.

NewJeans 1st EP ‘New Jeans’ Weverse Albums version – $10.12

NewJeans Weverse Albums Version
Image Courtesy of Weverse Shop

NewJeans 1st EP ‘New Jeans’ Bluebook version (Random) – $17.46

There are a total of six versions of the album. There is a NewJeans version, and solo album versions of the five members of the group! If you want to purchase a set, you can too!

NewJeans 1st EP ‘New Jeans’ Bluebook version (Set) – $104.79

NewJeans Bluebook Version
Image Courtesy of Weverse Shop

Furthermore, NewJeans also reveals another version, the Bag version, and is now available for pre-order too! You can check out the limited edition bag versions below!

NewJeans 1st EP ‘New Jeans’ Bag version (LIMITED) – $20.90

The Bag version comes in three different colors: the Black Bag version, the Red Bag version, and the White Bag version.

Here is everything you need to know about HYBE x ADOR’s newest girl group, NewJeans!

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Are you excited about this girl group’s debut? If you have any questions regarding NewJeans, feel free to ask and give your thoughts in the comments below. For more content related to KPop, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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