New Manga by Your Lie In April Author sets a familiar face for hero!

Anyone who has heard the letter of Kaori Miyazono has heard the voice of a heart that dared to love. Love, despite the odds of life falling against the ticking of time. Ever since the end of ‘Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso‘ ended fans have torn droppingly into the passage of time. Remembering and awaiting the day where they get to smile and have their heart broken again, all within a two-hour (24 episodes) anime series.

Awash in all these sentiments that define that familiarity of Kousei Arima, the piano child prodigy, and Kaori Miyazono, could we fans ever dare wash a new stride of wind to help us ashore? Enough with the poetics. Hell yeah, ‘Your Lie in April’ author has announced a new work just recently.

Your Lie in April New Manga
Naoshi Arakawa’s Booth in Anime Expo 2016, Procured from Twitter account @AnimeEXPO

Your Lie in April Author announced New Manga

Yes crazy Freddy, new Manga.

Naoshi Arakawa made this announcement on his Twitter account. This Tuesday fans had their hearts blossom with the blossom of April plum once again when the author tweeted that he is working on a new Manga. The new manga can be translated as Atwight Game, although the romanization is not official. [It’s more or less Google Translation’s educated guess, but the actual title will probably be different. That’s how ‘early-stage’ this new Manga is 😉 ]

Kodansha’s weekly shonen magazine Shonen Jump will preview the manga in this year’s 43rd issue. The preview will be serialized on September 21, although the official serialization date of the full Manga is still anyone’s good guess. Usually, it should start within early 2023.

Who Does The Protagonist Remind You Of?

  • Now Naoshi Arakawa revealed the protagonist of the story in the above Tweet. Firstly, Mangaka’s artwork doesn’t really change. That’s true not because they are incapable, but mostly because their work is their own distinct style.
  • Naoshi Arakawa has a certain style in the way he draws his character. The eyes are usually larger than usual, with smaller stale sharp lips that bend only on the edge. The pupils are humongous for the size they ought to be, and the hair has a particular bed-hair vibe to it. The protagonist here looks like the love child of Kaori and Kousei Arima, to be honest. 
Naoshi Arakawa
Kaori and Kousei Via Crunchyroll

The Legacy of Shigatu Wa Kimi no Uso

Your Lie In April Manga
  • The thing about Naoshi Arakawa’s work with Your Lie In April is that it has a legacy. One that staggers not only fans but also the critics. Although ironically, the Manga is more critically claimed than the anime adaptation.
  • Your Lie in April won the award for best shonen manga at the thirty-seventh Kodansha Manga Awards and was also nominated for the fifth Manga Taisho. Comic-Con International chose Manga as the best manga in 2016. The first volume also reached the top 112 graphic novels for teenagers list in The Young Adult Library Services Association’s 2016 tier.
Your Lie In April Anime Adaptation Story

Shigatsu wa Kimi No Uso manga had also found its debut in the monthly shonen magazine, Shonen Jump by Kodansha. The manga was serialized from 2011 to 2015. The manga’s ending was tragic, and when approached by Kodansha to have his manga adapted into an anime, the author was worried his ending was not enough.

  • Yet Kyouhei Ishiguro, the director of the anime adaptation was very keen on the ending. He said it was as good as it had to be, and that the story should not lose its origin.
  • Although originally it was intended to be a 13-episode run, Kyouhei rejected the idea. Kodansha later approached Kyouhei again with a 22-run idea, and Kyouhei agreed.
  • The anime premiered in October 2014 and left a lasting impact on the anime community. Aniplex of America distributed the series for home video, and the manga also received a live-action film.
Your Lie in April Author
Courtesy of A-1 pictures, via Crunchyroll

The Second Your Lie In April’s Author Naoshi Akarawa’s Other Works

After Your in Lie April, Naoshi went on to pitch new concepts for a sports manga.

  • Sayonara, Football was his two-volume Manga. Recently he also created the sequel to the same, named ‘Farewell, My Dear Camera’ (Sayonara Watashi no Cramer). The latter had launched in Shonen Jump in May 2016, ending in December 2020 with 14 volumes.
  • Kodansha also took it to themselves to release the Manga digitally along with its Japanese release. Both these Manga went on to receive positive critical acclaim and inspired a television anime adaptation and an anime feature film. Although the film did decently, the tv sequel anime series didn’t fair as well.


There is a theory that sometimes some works of art are just created. The art just flows through the creator. Given how the other works of Naoshi Arakawa didn’t receive the heritage of Your Lie in April, we must attest to the empirical understanding that sometimes a discontinued franchise just doesn’t work.

It is only rare that every work of a creator is recognized. Makoto Shinkai is one brilliant, although I would say extremely lucky individual. His films ever since Your Name have become a brand value in themselves. But, as of yet, one can only hope something along the lines of YLIA comes again, entrusting Arakawa sensei. Leaving us with another heartbreak, in the springs of cherries.

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