A New Sly Cooper Game Might Be In The Works (Rumor)

A New Sly Cooper Game Might Be In The Works (Rumor)

UPDATE: No Sly Cooper Game In Development, Says Jason Schreier.

Jeff Grubb, a prominent game journalist, touched upon a new Sly Cooper game. He said Ghost of Tsushima 2 is taking a bit longer, maybe because a new Sly game is in the works.

We might see the new Sly Cooper game, if it’s truly in the works, during PlayStation’s Showcase, this month or the next. Jeff said, “I’m hopeful that we’ll see something from Sucker Punch that is causing Ghost of Tsushima 2 to take a little big longer than we were expecting and my hope is something with Sly Cooper. [It is] not confirmed, nothing like that, but that’s speculation. But [there is] definitely smoke out there. Maybe where there’s smoke there’s fire. Hopefully, we’ll find out.”

This comes as a surprise since Sucker Punch said in 2022 that there are currently “no plans to revisit inFAMOUS or Sly Cooper right now”.

He even rectified his statement about Perfect Dark being in development hell during the recent Bombast episode. Apart from this, he mentions we might see a new id Software game soon, along with a new Astro game.

Thanks, Jeff.

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