New Sony Patent Hints PS5 Online Tournaments

A few of Sony’s latest patents are related to esports. It appears that the business giant wants to get more invested in this extremely popular element of gaming culture. On July 8, Sony filed a resumption of a patent application that was first submitted in 2018.

Online Tournament Integration

The patent, labeled “Online Tournament Integration,” will come in handy for gamers, devs, and third-party participants. This will easily put together a gaming tournament, whether it’s a large-scale esports contest or a smaller gathering of buddies. The attached file to the earlier submitted patent arrives just before the Evolution Championship Series, also known as EVO, which Sony purchased in March. However, it’s doubtful that any of this will arrive in time for that occasion.

Sony x Esports

The planned online tourney integration scheme will be built on a “gaming network platform”. That would require gamers to sign up in order to qualify for esports events. Sony will include a wide range of games in the framework. This includes 1v1 games, team-based matches, and any other title that allows gamers to remain competitive against other gamers. Thus, allowing a tournament-style play.

  • The current proposal would assign one gamer as the tournament coordinator. He or she will then be able to give invitations to other gamers.
  • Team management, tracking of events, event criteria, social tools, instant messaging, and scrolling live and archived esports channels would all be available through the framework.
  • Moreover, audiences at a venue who become interested in following a specific player may be directed to details about other competitions by which this gamer has competed.

The online tourney connectivity scheme would enable organizers to require particular credentials in order to be eligible, as per Sony’s patent application. Gaming competitions are most productive when the capabilities of participants are comparable. Accomplishing this will be easier by having preseason games that monitor the gamer’s statistics. Additionally, they can assess a gamer’s W / L ratio, amount of activity spent playing a specific game, the total number of kills or points obtained, and so forth.

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