Hey, players! Are you up for some PlayStation news? We have recently talked about the newest PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge controller. Not just that, everyone is also curious about the next restock of the PlayStation 5. But we have a question for you, have you heard of the Sony PS5 1200 model? There’s this newer and lighter PlayStation 5 console that has been released quietly in a country. If you’re intrigued about this new PS5 item, you may want to read more here to know what we know so far and find out where you can purchase this iteration.

Sony PS5 1200 model what we so far

From what we have gathered, the latest model released differs in weight. The 1100 model released in 2021 weighs half a pound more, while the PS5 weighs one pound more. We can say that the 1200 model is one of the most lightweight Sony consoles.

  • YouTuber Austin Evans is one of the first to purchase the 1200 model PS5 Digital Edition and made a teardown on his channel. He may have found a few yet significant changes in the latest model. The motherboard and heatsink internals shrunk, while a new pipe completed the changes of the new model. Similar to the older models is the heat output and noise of the latest PS5.

  • Evans also mentioned that in terms of power, the 1200 model draws less power compared to the older versions and models. The YouTuber tried the model in the gameplay of ASTRO’S PLAYROOM which is the pre-installed game. This is where he found out that this model drew 20 to 30W less than the older models of PS5.
  • The cutting of power usage of the model is in line with their goal to help the global environment in terms of a global shortage of hardware components. Also, a piece of great news for players who daily play their games. He also mentioned that Sony may have cut down on internal packaging costs which made the model lighter and cheaper to produce.

According to Video Game Chronicles, they compared the weights of the released Sony consoles, you may refer to the numbers below.

PS5 Standard Edition

  • CFI-1000A (launch) 4.5kg
  • CFI-1100A (2021) 4.2kg
  • CFI-1200A (2022) 3.9kg

PS5 Digital Edition

  • CFI-1000B (launch) 3.9kg
  • CFI-1100B (2021) 3.6kg
  • CFI-1200B (2022) 3.4kg

Countries available

If you have read the above and are now curious about where you can purchase the model, you may proceed here.

  • Two weeks ago, according to a Press Start report, Japanese retailers mentioned the release of the 1200 model in their market. On September 15th, they are to welcome the newest console.
  • The 1200 model first dropped on the Australian market. A few Japanese retailers bought directly from the country, and here is the photo we have from the report.

    PS5 1200 model
    Image Courtesy of Press Start
  • So in summary, you can purchase the newest PS5 1200 model in Australia, while in Japan in the following days. However, there is no announcement if this console would be sold worldwide, but we are hoping. We’ll keep you updated if the model arrives in the other regions, so we hope you stay with us!

That’s it for now, players!

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