Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell is returning: Ironside as Fisher once again

Good news for all Splinter Cell fans out there. Today ‘Crossing Eden‘, a NeoGAF member revealed some useful information regarding the upcoming Splinter Cell.

According to his forum post, Michael Ironside is back to play the voice of Sam Fisher and that we can expect official news in the upcoming year.

“He was in the studio, I said hi to him and his daughter. He was shooting a movie with Amy Jo Johnson, and I know someone who worked on that set, and Ironside confirmed to him he was doing the new Splinter Cell.”

Blacklist, the latest Splinter Cell installment served well and got positive feedback from the gaming community. However, there was a thick criticism as a new voice actor played Fisher in the game.

Keep in mind that it is a rumor and it may or may not be true. Still, let’s look forward for it and stay positive. Who knows, it may end up being true?

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