New Star Wars Game – Squadrons, Leaked via Microsoft Store

Star Wars: Squadrons

A new Star Wars Game, titled, Star Wars: Squadrons has leaked via Microsoft Store. Currently, the game has its dedicated slider with one image and a pre-order button.

When clicked on the pre-order button, however, the website gives you a “Page not found” error. The slider says “Pilots wanted” which could mean it’s for beta-testing purposes.

People are guessing it’s the new Maverick Project. Rumors said the game will likely be revealed this week, and it seems like, we’re getting new information very soon.

We aren’t sure and the slider is currently available on Microsoft Store’s US website. You can check it out yourself, or here’s a screenshot in case it gets taken down –

Star Wars: Squadrons

We don’t have any news on the game whatsoever. But we’ll inform you when there’s more information.

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