New trailer brings gameplay insight and teases The Surge 2 story

A new trailer has been revealed for The Surge 2 which is set to bring hardcore combat back to a nano-infested dystopian future on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The new preview accolades trailer, shown below, teases some story and showcases the brutal combat which The Surge 2 will deliver in the winding streets of Jericho City when it is released on September 24.

Waking with no memory of the plane crash that left you stranded here, you’ll have to survive rampaging machines, fanatical cultists, and much worse as you explore and discover the truth. Utilising the renowned limb-targeting system combined with upgraded combat design, a new, bigger world and many more surprises, The Surge 2 will impress new players and fans of the series alike.


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